Endurance Training, Travel, and Changing Plans

I am going to dive into endurance training details along with the hormone and supplement changes I’ve made recently today. First, though, I want your input.

I’m rocked and shocked by the event in Las Vegas this week. And it compounds my apprehension about traveling to Mexico in November. As I finalize details, I’m having second thoughts about traveling there alone. I’ve done that before, it’s not as bad as you might think. I will know other athletes once I arrive and have support for my bike transport. But info about abductions and cartel activity in Mexico is abundant. As can be expected, different sources have different opinions. Travel agents, agencies within Mexico, and even Ironman have their own agendas.

I’m considering canceling travel to Mexico and instead doing a mock IM distance weekend locally. It’s too late at this time to book a back up like Arizona for instance (and I swore I’d not ever swim in 60 degree water – a promise to myself I’m keeping). The few thoughts I have include doing the “mock” IM over two days, a swim and bike on day 1 and the marathon distance day 2. They’d happen the same weekend as the IM in Cozumel. God help me if the weather means an indoor 26.2 miles but planting the mental seed now it would be fine.

I then would register for Boulder IM in June and do the real thing, the unfinished business, and be done.

So .. thoughts from you are welcome!

Endurance Training and Supplements

Typically working with athletes or exercise enthusiasts over 50 (any age really) I would recommend several different supplements that might make recovery, immunity, and performance better.

  • Multivitamin
  • Magnesium
  • Omega 3 (with D)
  • Probiotic
  • Digestive Enzyme
  • Amino Acids (for some)
  • Vitamin C

I’ve been taking those regularly and also take several bioidentical hormones for the past three months.  In the process of tracking hormone levels I discovered my liver enzymes were elevated. Since there are no other signs and symptoms of problem there may be no reason for concern. Then again, since there are no lifestyle habits, dietary reasons, or history for it, it was worth additional testing. Anything serious has been ruled out.

Yet, the suggestion by the GI doc was to remove all “optional” supplements. I had to pause and scratch my head on that call. I’ve honestly been on one side of the fence and then the other for the last 24 hours. The suggestion struck me as a misfit though at the beginning and though I’d like to think I’m compliant, I’d rather think I was a critical thinker. Since removing everything for 3 weeks prior to a retest didn’t reflect any changes in test levels, I’ve decided to continue working to help keep my body operating on all cylinders and reducing inflammation with the list above. You can bet I’ve graduated to a big girl pill box when traveling.

gut health endurance training Gut Health and Endurance Training

Because the liver processes everything and acts as a filter for your body, if it’s not doing it’s part there may be a reason stemming from it getting overloaded elsewhere. Again, I don’t have any signs or symptoms of gut issues (other than an occasional breakout lately- what’s that all about?) but I’m going to go through a simple Gut Reset with my friend Dr. Vincent Pedre. He, by the way is who I reach out to as my go-to expert when there’s a unique challenge a client has or a question about even a family member.

You can join me on this too. (In fact I’d love a little company and to hear your feedback on the experience!It’s free and it’s not complicated though you might have to prepare for it. You can do it over a weekend. Since I do longer training over the weekend I’m actually doing mine over a few days during the week when I have recovery days and light activity. Reset with me!

Truthfully, usually the gut health increases with exercise. Motility is one reason. Move more on the outside you move more on the inside. Endurance athletes tend to put better things in their bodies than most people do. Endurance training can bring fueling challenges but they are more rare now that we’ve let carb loading be old school. Though from the outside if you’ve never been an endurance athlete it may seem like a dream to eat what ever you want because you’re so active, that’s not really what happens. Your body becomes efficient at using less fuel and you intuitively want to put better fuel in.

Liver Cleanse Re-enters My Life

Does it seem like I’m dodging this topic? Or at least the activity? That would be correct. I really have been dwelling on drinking olive oil infused with grapefruit juice and chugging epsom salt saturated water. The actual experience can’t be worse than my imagination. So next week I’m just going to jump. The 3-day reset will be a good lead in and then the first round of total cleanse. Feel free to nag me on this.

Endurance Training and Travel

I have two clients doing their first half marathon and I’m so proud of both of them! That’s definitely endurance training! They’ve lost 38 lbs (in four months) and 75 lbs (at age 64) and this is a big deal. Trading in a scale for a starting line is no small task. We’re going to celebrate it.

My plan is to ride my long ride on old stomping ground trails in central Iowa on Saturday and join them for their walk on Sunday. I’m hoping for a crisp clear blue sky fall weekend in Iowa.

That’s me to you. What’s going on with you? Comment below and share! Love to hear your comments and travel recommendations!

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