How to Eat for Strength Training for Women

One of the hardest lessons for women to learn is that you have to eat for strength training to work. The first inclination is to “eat less and exercise more.” Of course, it’s been the message on social and unfortunately, even from the fitness industry, for years.

This episode and my guest will dispel those age-old myths. We’re going to look at the needs of women over 40, and discuss what lifting heavy means. We’ll share what she recommends for lifting frequency for women over 40 and explore optimal training as well as how you know you’re lifting the right weight.

A frequent question I’ve been asked is who should I have my daughter follow? Depending on the age and stage of your daughter, I may have any number of responses, and this guest is definitely someone we love here at Flipping 50. 

My Guest:

Steph Gaudreau, a strength nutrition strategist and lifting coach who helps women fuel themselves smarter. Get stronger, increase their energy, and perform better in the gym. She’s the author of The Core 4: Embrace Your Body, Own Your Power and the host of the Listen to Your Body Podcast.

Questions we answer in this episode

  • [10:14] What are the 4 keys to building strength, especially for women over 40? 
  • [15:00] What are common nutrition mistakes women are making? 
  • [25:15] What does “lifting heavy” really mean? 
  • [33:36] What does it mean to eat for strength training? 

Connect with Steph: 

Fuel Your Strength podcast:


She’s Social: 



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    Hi Voy, Are you associated with podbean? No we host our podcast on LIBSYN and love it. It’s seen us through over 2 Million downloads on this show and many more on our fitness professionals podcast, She Means Fitness Business! Thanks for asking! And we’re on 80+ podcast platforms or you can listen directly from show notes if you’d like.

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