Don’t Do That, Do This Exercise For Less Injury and Better Results

Avoid these most common mistakes and get better results! These are some of the most often sited mistakes that can seem harmless, but can also either slow your progress or speed you to an injury unnecessarily!

  1. Tricep press: Avoid arching the back by engaging core or sitting down. Avoid allowing the arms to drift away from your ears. Avoid allowing the shoulders to creep to your ears. Try a kickback as an alternative.
  2. Biceps curl: Avoid swinging the arm. Avoid allowing the elbows to come away from your sides. Avoid arching the back.
  3. Shoulders: Avoid pushing overhead from elbows out to the side. Avoid overhead work altogether if you know you have pre-existing issues. Avoid arching the back. Avoid too much weight. Try one arm at a time.
  4. Crunches (at all or) on a ball: Avoid them. Flip over and do a plank on the ball. Add intensity by “stirring-the-pot.”
  5. Bridges using a ball: Avoid hyperextension of the knees. Keep a slightly bent knee at all positions.

Watch the video below and use the tips to make these exercises better for your Flipping 50.

Good resources you might like for full workouts:

Muscles in Minutes (short 6-10 minute segments you can mix and match according to your time demands)

You Still Got It, Girl video series I (full length workouts warm up to cool down 45-64 minutes for metabolism boosting, bone density, balance, and performance).

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