Do You Need Some Balance Between Work and Life?

Finding time for it all is impossible. Thinking about it all, all the time, is exhausting. Men and women both can be subject to the overwhelming stress of our constantly connected work lives.

I don’t know where I end and you begin

What once was said to describe great relationships: I don’t know where I end and you begin, is now true of work and home. Is it any wonder that we accidentally bring the diaper bag to the office or leave the brief case at the sitters? Maybe, that’s a message! It is time to clean up the ______!

Balance really is a misnomer, but finding a better place is possible. This course is one I created not because I’ve got it figured out once and for all, but because I had to figure it out once and then am constantly refining it, both for me and for my clients and audiences. You see, I am a single mom. I juggled three jobs and, when my son was with me I had him full time … and the house and dog and …you may know the drill.


I was there but not there. I was on the couch with him and a movie, and my laptop or grading a 100 college papers. I think he was eight when he looked up and said, “You work too much.” I was at basketball games getting phone calls about someone not showing up to teach their class. I was in meetings with my cell phone turned off when he fell and broke his arm at school. And I’m a life coach? Whoa. I put the breaks on.

Try Work – Life Balance in Four Steps for yourself.

So I get it. I had to make changes, both in my physical schedule, but most importantly, I “rearranged the furniture” in my head. This course, hosted on is very affordable, for a reason. We all need it.

First, you have gifts that no one else does. And when you feel like your mind is constantly going … you can’t share them.

Second, when the people next to you start feeling more in control of their balance your life will be better too. So share it! When you use it you’ll feel like a better parent, spouse, friend …and friend to yourself. So use it, share it. It’s open for a limited number of participants at $15, so get started. It’s short, sweet, and you already know the answers, it’s just a matter of taking the time to set the priorities in a way that supports you. The other little voice inside your head suggests you can have it all, all the time, and all at once. Not so much. Pick, choose, and play to win right now.

Click on the live title above or here to redeem the coupon webalance15 to go to the course pages.

START. Start The Actions Required Today to increase your happiness and decrease your chaos. If you’re looking for more energy, support for managing your optimal weight… if ever there was a solution staring you right at you, increasing your happiness and decreasing your stress level is it.

Tell me how you feel about work and home spillage. Does the same “freedom” to bring your work home, spill over to bringing your home and family life to work?


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