Defining Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

What do you know about histamine intolerance? Defining histamine intolerance in this podcast, along with lesser known mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) could help you stop struggling with answers to an undetermined source of problems. If not you, someone you know or work with if you’re one of our health pros who’s drifted over from the She Means Fitness Business Podcast.

My Guest:

Dr. Meg Mill is a Pharm D and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner with over two decades of clinical experience. She is also a bestselling author, podcast host, summit host, and sought-after corporate wellness speaker.

Her virtual Functional Medicine practice has transformed the lives of hundreds of clients worldwide by connecting the dots between their diverse, unexplained, and often overlooked health struggles, such as gut issues, chronic fatigue, migraines, skin reactions, anxiety, or allergies. She uses her EAT Method to uncover and resolve the underlying connections, whether it’s gut dysfunction, hormone imbalances, histamine intolerance, or MCAS. She empowers clients to take control of their health so they can regain the energy, mental clarity, and confidence needed to fully show up for their lives again.

She has been seen in national publications and on media such as Fox News Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Reader’s Digest, Health Magazine, Mind Body Green, Authority Magazine, Life & Style, and Sunset Magazine, as well as several national publications, blogs, and podcast guest appearances.

Questions We Answer in This Episode:

  • What is histamine, and how does it affect us? [00:05:50]
  • How are you defining histamine intolerance and how is it diagnosed? [00:12:20]
  • How do we get intolerance?[00:11:00]
  • What is MCAS? [00:25:30]
  • What are some easy first steps people could take to start addressing histamine-related issues? [00:16:50]
  • How do we address this issue long-term? [00:27:20]

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