Getting Lighter Redefined: Decluttering Weight Loss

Could your house, or your office, use a little decluttering?  

Get ready for weight loss in a way you’re not used to hearing me talk about it! You have the ability, through decluttering, to change your mood, and potentially your weight.

Could your kitchen counter be reflecting on your resistance to weight loss? Is it a source of comfort, in the way that ice cream is temporarily? 

In the episode I share the hotel maids research revealing the power of placebo. What you think matters!! 

Not started with your exercise yet or need a restart? Do it now. 

Better yet, join us for 12 weeks of STRONGER. Say YES to stronger longer. 

My Guest:

Heather Aardema is a former clutter-bug turned minimalist and the founder of School of Living Lighter.

Struggling to find deeper meaning in her job towards the end of her corporate career, she couldn’t take off her extra weight, her home was cluttered, and life felt complicated and heavy.

Then, she discovered minimalism—the intentional pursuit of focusing on what matters most by removing the distractions that remove joy from life—and felt herself getting lighter by the day.

She walked away from corporate, embraced a new way of living, and today has helped thousands tackle their clutter, un-complicate their lives, and lose their excess mental, emotional and physical weight for good.

Questions We Answer in this Episode:

  • What do you do when you can’t exercise the way you used to and have FOMO? (JOMO – joy of missing out – is the antidote)
  • How do you define clutter? Is it more than an uncomfortable amount of stuff?
  • What are some examples of mind, body and home clutter?
  • Is there a connection between our physical clutter and our weight/health? (research supported)
  • Can this be subconscious self-sabotage (self-preservation)? Not really ready … and we don’t have to deal with the emotions.. If there’s an easy “other” reason.
  • How do we take the lighter path? (embracing the concept that less can be more)

Decluttering, whether you need to lose weight, or want to gain energy and a sense of personal vacay right at home, is always a good idea. Let me know if you’ve tried this consciously, OR if you too have moved and realized unintentionally what a gift downsizing can be. 

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Mentioned on this show:

Maid 7 NY hotels were told how important physical exercise is for health and wellness


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