Debra’s Best Kept Daily Secrets: Episode 26

I’m pulling back the curtains, and the covers literally, in this episode. From pajamas to pajamas, here’s the little things I do..AND some updates in the blog post below. We all upgrade occasionally! I polish off habits too!

Watch this episode for the habits I use for all day energy.

Wake naturally.

If I’m not waking naturally at the right time, I know I’m not getting to bed early enough. Even though I wake naturally sometime around 5am when I have to make an earlier wake up call, getting to bed earlier ensures I get my quota of 8+ hours. You’ve got yours …when you’re waking naturally and rested you’ve nailed it.

Drink water with lemon.

Coffee with coconut cream. Recently I’ve been adding ghee and Bulletproof Octane. I am loving it for a start to my morning. I alternate between these selections. 

I grind my coffee beans myself and do the European pour-over method then add a bit of chocolate stevia with my cream or ghee.

I surround myself with my “why” reminders.

The “CRY whys” are the ticket. When it brings you to tears, you got it!

Breakfast I: a pre-ex snack

1/2 banana or Brown rice cake and Sun nut butter usually. I might do half a simple smoothie (leaving out fiber and fat until after exercise). This should depend on your goals.

Take daily micronutrients: 

Nutreince Multivitamin, Omega 3 with D, Magnesium Citrate (this one I take at night). If you’re reading my other blog you’ll know I’m also supplementing for hormone balance right now and there are a lot more bottles on the counter!

I go through periods where I need a probiotic (after stress or illness), and I’m diligent with a digestive enzyme, to get on track after a gut disturbance, too.


Music to Flip Fifty By: My Playlist

  • Detroit Medley – Bruce Springsteen
  • Only the Good Die Young- Billy Joel
  • I’m Still Standing – Elton John
  • The Bitch is Back – Elton John
  • Betty Lou’s Getting’ Out Tonight – Bob Segar (intervals)
  • I Knew the Bride – Dave Edmunds (intervals)
  • Can’t Turn You Lose – Blues Brothers (intervals)
  • Brave Strangers – Bob Seger
  • How Could We Still Be Dancing – Elton John and
  • Your Love Keeps Lifting Me – Jackie Wilson

Quick Travel Intervals Training or a Desk-Bound Day:

  1. Boxing – Total body
  2. Wall sit-Lower body
  3. Push-up-Upper body
  4. Abdominal Reverse Roll Up Core
  5. Step-up onto chair -Total body
  6. Squat -Lower body
  7. Plank and lift leg in a chair
  8. Side Lunges

Skincare (outside in routine) 

I love these Annmarie Skincare products. Living in the midwest for 49 years then shifting to altitude and living at 8800 ft. these products soothed my skin when nothing would! I use anti-aging eye cream and serum, plus a brightener daily. Then I use a gentle fascial scrub 1 or 1 times a week plus an occasional mud-like mask. I love, love, love the honey mask. You will too! Try it!

Breakfast II: High Protein breakfast

60 Minutes after exercise (when my body can actually use the protein to benefit muscles – before that there’s a blunting effect you want to be aware of!) in the Nutribullet (Got one? Get one $20 off)


Green Smoothie (Skin care inside out!)

chocolate protein shake for flipping 50

A little secret… this is also a craving killer. Any smoothie can be, but my Thin Mint Smoothie ingredients are the perfect combination of chocolate, fiber, and greens. UPDATE! Sadly, since this post our Mint Greens product is discontinued. But I’ve got the very last box at the home office (gotta keep the staff focused and happy!) so if you contact me there’s a chance that if you love a Girl Scout Thin Mint and just have to have Mint Greens, I may have one to send you!

That little trilogy knocks out both physiological and psychological cravings. And yes, it tastes like the Thin Mint cookie you remember. Adequate protein and fiber daily, is a must if you want to get or stay lean, but also a wise choice snacks. If the urge hits you and you’ve got chocolate protein to make a light creamy mousse-like chocolate shake either with nut butter or mint… poof! Craving gone and you’ve satisfied your desire for it without sabotaging yourself.

Cook once, Eat all week (28 Day Kickstart recipes)

  • Cauliflower Stir Fried “rice
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Taco meat (link to episode 1 Season I)

Clothes I feel good in are a must !

No waiting until you… Dress for success.

Epsom salt bath


I definitely do tub time more winter than summer but it’s a year-round go-to for relaxing. It guarantees me a good-night’s sleep. I’ll use a few drops of lavender essential oil in the bath.


Essential oils in a diffuser (lavender for sleep) on my nightstand

This serves as quiet “white noise” that helps block out any night noises in addition to the moist air.

Computer OFF by 6pm

When I stick with this, I sleep better. If you’re addicted to the little silver box or your phone with you until bedtime, try it!

TV off by 8pm

I turn into a pumpkin early. I love to get up early. In order to pay attention to when I’m really tired (not when a show is over or “it’s time”) I turn screens off.

Bedtime when I’m sleepy

There’s no time too early for me. I don’t decide by whether the news has been on or not or the movie is over, or others are up. If I’m tired I’ll go to bed. Simple. To be at 100% during the day I need 100% of sleep at night.

My favorite PJ Salvage pajamas, soft sheets (life’s too short not to do 400ct)

It’s important to love where you sleep and have it dedicated to sleep. I don’t watch TV there, or work there, I don’t have a desk there. Just sleep (or you know…) or a little reading or writing right before or after sleep.

A good book…. Not a great one…

It can take me MONTHS to get through books. Because it’s simply a cue for me. A few pages and boom, I’m ready.

A worry journal so I dump anything on my to-do list for the night.

There’s always that last minute thing that comes into mind once you’re in bed. Will I remember to do that tomorrow? So I write it down on the journal there for that purpose and I can relax!

Key Flip of the Day:

This is the last episode of season II! I’d love to hear from you. Have these episodes been helpful? What stands out as a favorite?

We’re planning Season III. I would love to hear from you about what you want more help with. Send me your question to because we’re actively approving our 13 episodes now!  Leave your comment here too!

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