Best Exercise for Your Daughter’s Fitness and Health?

Ever wonder if your Flipping 50 fitness program would work for your daughter’s fitness and health? Wonder how you can support her exercise and healthy habits?

Well, in honor of Mother’s day I’m adding this BONUS episode of Flipping 50.

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OK, let’s talk your daughter’s fitness.

Recent Research

In a recent study among female young adults, 8 weeks of endurance training vs. circuit weight training resulted in similar changes in cardiovascular risk factors including body composition, skinfold measurements, and cholesterol levels. Both programs were designed for the individual’s current fitness status before the program applying appropriate load and progression. Each subject group did three workouts a week of either endurance or circuit weight training.

Results showed positive and no significant difference for either group.

For young adults struggling to make exercise a habit, participation in the activity based on person preference is most important and no detriment to health and fitness.

Genetic predisposition can influence an individual’s response to an activity. A personal preference probably reflects that DNA predisposition and therefore result in easier adoption of a fitness routine.

DNA Testing for Yours or Your Daughter’s Fitness

[You can test your predisposition for both exercise that will reap you the quickest fitness rewards and learn more about your recovery needs and whether you do best with high fat, carb or protein. I personally am genetically predisposed to do best with a slightly higher carb intake and endurance exercise.

It doesn’t mean I don’t strength train or that I eat high carb all the time. I still use information on my hormone status. I just have a more complete picture and sometimes doing the things I need to do is easier because I’ve seen it right there in test results. If you’re curious about DNA testing for yourself and how it can inform your habits whether you do it with coaching or not]

Strength training is important for young women who want to gain bone density benefits that will sustain them for life. Priority should be given to the activity that your daughter likes first. Establish a habit and start feeling strong and confident in her body, then focus on addition activities that balance her overall fitness.

Her Love or Her Need?

So if she loves running or cardio classes? Let her enjoy them. Encourage it.

And help her set some goals for participation over 8 weeks. In the study subjects did 3 workouts a week of either endurance training or circuit weight training. That’s a reasonable not crazy schedule.

Accomplishment of a goal – maybe preparing for a race, or a virtual race  – or simply participation goal she sets and cares about will give her confidence to add another layer. Right now- doing some training with a friend from college or at work when she’s not at work can help a social butterfly connect in a meaningful way too.

So while both cardio and resistance training are important for her. If she doesn’t like on or the other, build on her strength right now. Help her love it, love her body, and there’s time for the rest.

Turning Point

Muscle mass peaks at about age 25. It’s often around this point in time, and maybe earlier depending on her habits, and the college 10 or 15 is still a thing. Once it does metabolism can slow and a young adult woman who isn’t as active as she once was may find she does have to “exercise” while she never did when she was playing sports and not sitting as much at school or work.

Strength training at that point can become a girl’s best friend. Starting in her 20’s a young woman is doing her metabolism, bones, and muscles and self-confidence good that will last for the rest of her life.

There you have it: how to support your young adult daughters with their fitness too.

What About Your Son?

In case you’re wondering about your sons, similarly guys will likely have a personal preference for aerobic or anaerobic work. That is they’ll prefer going out for a longer run or they’ll enjoy sprints and weight training more. Guys muscle mass also peaks at 25. Body composition, unless they’ve got some hormone dysfunction or lifestyle habits that are interrupting, is working in their favor.

These young adults are all going to be subject to even more sedentary jobs and have more automation than we’ve so supporting them in activities they love is smart. You can do that with equipment or memberships, or of course currently, online fitness or golf clubs and driving ranges, or apps, trackers, or home equipment. Those are great ways to keep the family fit.

Mother’s Day $30 gift

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Reference & Resources Mentioned:

Hot, Not Bothered 10 Day Challenge

The After 50 Fitness Formula For Women course

DNA testing information

Show notes:

*special note for my son’s girlfriend who inspired this post. In case she finds her 20-something self all the way here… this one was for you

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