Should you continue doing Crossfit?

Post Podcast Note: this episode was recorded before the news about Crossfit hit this week. This is purely coincidental and yet I felt a need to add this note to the post. The program references the physical components and format of the program and it’s appropriateness for one individual asking the question. 

In this episode I answer a reader question about Crossfit. But this could be any exercise you’re thinking about twice right now. Got a gut feeling? My advice is definitely listen!

Reader Question:

 “I have always loved working out. The last 8 years I have been doing crossfit. I started it at 50 and at 58 I’m questioning if I should keep doing it?? In the last year I haven’t been able to keep my weight down and I also have an injury to my left foot. I injured it doing doubleunders ( jumping rope) and made it worse by not resting it when I should. During this pandemic I have been working out at home ( foot still not good ) and not sure if I should continue with CF classes after we are allowed back to the box ( gym ). I’m don’t think I’m ready for pool aerobics, I would need something more challenging. Looking for help!!! Jodi

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