Cravings in Menopause | Fitness in Menopause | Starting Fasting

Got cravings in menopause? What could that mean for you? I’m answering questions from our Flipping 50 Insiders group.

Here are the questions I responded to in this episode:

  • I did a Gene-o type[DNA] with you a few years ago, I need to take omegas, what do you recommend and can flax oil be a part of my health foods in a meal as an added fat?? -Connie
  • What’s the best workout formula for menopausal women to burn fat and build muscle. How many days cardio, I know you like HIIT, how many days strength. Do you recommend 10k steps a day? Is this an important component? -Myra
  • Is weight training twice a week enough to build sufficient muscle mass? -Angelita

Cravings in Menopause

  • What is causing me to want sweet and salty foods? -Connie
  • Just to clarify a fast is broke when you eat something with calories? Even if it is a vitamin 5 calories? Or Coffee like Sigma does that break a fast as well?? -Connie
  • I am trying to lose a little weight and build muscle at 62 I know hormones play a big part in the equation although I’m interested in fasting what would be your answer to start at…. I tend to look at a big picture and get lost, I need 1 step at a time.
  • I have been using intervals you shared on Prime Women-maybe Jan. 2018. I’m ready for more. Do I change the ratio of exercise/rest or add intervals? -Jane

There you have it, from cravings in menopause to the fitness schedule and intervals in menopause.


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