Cortisol Hormone: Don’t let it derail your fat loss efforts

Cortisol hormone, it’s a love hate relationship. It’s energy, it’s stress, it’s stress energy. It is energy stress. It’s where we get energy to exercise. It’s what we sometimes need to purge with activity. It keeps us up. It can keep us down. Cortisol hormone can prevent weight loss. It can increase belly fat storage. 

Stop the stress-induced loss of muscle with protein. Did you know fasting too long can dial up  your blood sugar level and keep you in muscle protein breakdown? That’s increasing fat and decreasing metabolism at the same time. Break your fast and start getting a high hit of protein in the morning – and definitely before exercise if it’s intense. 

Check out this comment from a recent coaching client: “I love your protein. I’ve tried others; and yours is so clean.” (and don’t forget the fiber) 

I start with a 50g protein breakfast most days and never felt better or kept fat and muscle where I want them as easily. 

The cortisol hormone is a curse or blessing. You decide. 

My Guest:

Dr. Venus is a board-certified physician in the specialty of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation who received her medical training at Yale University, University of Miami, and University of California-Irvine. She has a thriving medical practice in Southern California and has competed for 20 years as a national ­level fitness athlete.

Also a respected fitness trainer, she’s had clients ranging from single moms to professional athletes, and even an action film star. She’s a repeat guest expert on the TV series ”The Doctors” and has been featured on several other shows including “CNN Newsroom,” NBC’s “Today,” and “American Gladiators.” Additionally, she contributes to multiple health outlets including Oxygen Magazine.

Questions We Answer In This Episode:

  • What is cortisol?
  • Why do we need it/hate it?
  • What exactly are the negative effects that cortisol can have on us?
  • What can we do to avoid or eliminate the adverse effects?

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2 thoughts on “Cortisol Hormone: Don’t let it derail your fat loss efforts”

  1. So question…if the only time I have to get my workouts in is later in the afternoon/evening am I better off not working out? If I can’t figure out an earlier time, which really isn’t going to work for me most days, should I just skip altogether?

  2. Hi Lynn, Great question. Here’s how I coach clients on this. You’ve got SOME days when you can do early? Then we optimize those. We start with planning an early HIIT (if that’s appropriate for you right now) and an early strength session on those days you can make it happen. If you are a caregiver 24/7 and that’s not possible …. I would love to see you get some support so you can take care of yourself if possible a couple mornings a week). Then look at 1) is it that you really can’t in the morning – or you believe it has to take more than 20 minutes? (it doesn’t!) a high quality workout is about intensity not time. 2) yes, forgo the intense workout… and move… but not “WORKOUT” .. go for a walk…. do yoga, move in other ways but true… your body will respond better to Intense Early, Light Late (#2 Tenet of Flipping50). Hope that helps. For support in planning.. at in media you’ll find workshops I’ve done about planning your best schedule.

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