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“Do you like to cook?”

I stared back blankly.

Now, as a coach, I’d have to call my bluff: if it’s not a yes – it’s a no.

Yet, I really do like to cook. At least, I like knowing it came from my kitchen and it’s clean and healthy, was recently alive and know there’s no hidden crap I’ll pay for later.

What I was doing, though, is judging whether or not I was a good cook. I’d have to say not so much to that. There’s nothing fancy-smancy about my food. It’s not even particularly good looking a lot of the time. But it is good for me. That’s my number one criteria. When I order at a restaurant that’s still it. There are things I used to eat that I just don’t anymore because they aren’t worth it. I’ve got a new level of what feels good.

When you get there, an acute taste is not really worth the chronic slowed or lethargic feeling.

Take this analogy if you don’t quite know what I mean. I’m solar-powered. Sun’s out? I’m full of energy, can’t wait to get out, or even be in and I’ve got boundless energy. Cloudy, rainy days? Energy also cloudy and drippy. I’m fighting a nap all day even if I slept great! That’s the difference for me between eating well and eating something that sounds like it would taste good.

I’ve shared recipes on my website that I’ve tried – never anything I haven’t – and modified or tweaked to make them suit my tastes and preference for this or that. They’re tucked into theArticles section of this site. That houses everything from press releases, speaking appearances, articles, and recipes. Someone shouted out to me last week that they were searching for a recipe I’d shared once and she couldn’t find it.

I can understand why! So I created a new page for the Recipe Box where you can find anything I’ve posted and I hope you’ll use it. Click on any of the recipes to get to the recipe and or description of it.

I’d also love to hear of a favorite recipe of yours or something simple you’ve made that you love and know is equally good for you. Sugar is not welcome. Anything with wheat, dairy, soy, or gluten is fair game- we aren’t all sensitive. (though I hope you’ve tested to know for sure). If it’s something I think will appeal to readers I’ll post it and give you credit!


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