Collagen or Protein Shakes for Lean Muscles After 50?

protein shakesShould you use collagen or protein shakes? Do you need both or just one? In these next two months I have two totally bipolar reasons for paying extra attention to my protein intake. If you’ve been following me you know that I’m training for a long distance endurance event. I’m experimenting with less volume and more intensity to both:

  • Keep hormone balance optimal or disruption minimal
  • Reduce risk of injury

Following the event I’ll be entering the busiest time of year. I’ll have a full private client schedule, a full speaking and traveling schedule (already booked 3 times in January) and though busy, much more inactive time behind a keyboard than I like.

Both times call for increased protein. From athletic and busy to more sedentary you and I have increased protein needs in order to prevent muscle loss. So real food first, and protein shakes to the rescue for convenience and a big boost at the right time.

I’m always asked what I recommend. More and more recently I come across a woman using collagen but not muscle-building protein.

Which do you like?

I use both. It’s not a matter of what I like. For me it’s a matter of what I need.

collagen or protein shakes

There’s no choosing between collagen or protein shakes. It’s not either or.

Here’s why. The kind of protein that supports lean muscle, spares muscles losses that happen to easily with age, and help repair and rebuild muscle after exercise… so you keep the sexy curves lose the rest, and stay safe, strong, and more full of energy for life contains essential amino acids.

Specific amino acids matter. Leucine stands out as an amino acid that present, boosts muscle repair and rebuilding, and absent the same amount of protein produces a lesser effect on the muscle.

Just like a yummy piece of salmon, turkey, or beans and quinoa, protein shakes (that are clean with no chemicals or sugar/sugar substitutes) contain those building blocks for muscle. You can choose from whey protein (only if you tolerate dairy), hydro beef protein (animal without soy or dairy that’s broken down into easily digestible parts), or plant based protein (a little lower on essential amino acids but super helpful if you’re vegan or vegetarian to bump your protein A-game up).

Collagen powder on the other hand does not contain essential amino acids. It is good for ligaments, joints, connective tissue, skin, hair, nails, and gut health. (Long list of goodness, right?)

Why collagen or protein shakes is not the question

Collagen does all that in a way that protein shakes for your muscles do not.

So which is better? Neither. They just have different assets.

I want both. Don’t you?

collagen or protein shakes

I created Flipping 50 shakes to:

  1. Avoid chemicals, fillers, sugar, artificial sugars, carcinogens and soy that actually make protein shakes make you fat…not fit
  2. Make adequate protein intake easy, effortless, and delicious

I use OP collagen products. That is, other people’s! I have used Dr. Josh Axe’s product, Bulletproof’s product, and Dr. Kellyann Petrucci’s products. Of those, the latter two are my favorite. Here’s why: relationships and integrity are so important to me. I have the utmost respect for both Dave Asprey of Bulletproof and Kellyann. I support people and products that have the best intention and that do business with full authenticity. They both fit that mission.

** Take the smoothie challenge! Get your choice of Flipping 50 protein! Take a picture of yourself, have a smoothie a day for 28 days – I love mine for breakfast –  (even better if you’re doing the 28 Day Kickstart!) and of course, keep up your exercise routine and good sleep habits, then send us your picture and a short story about what you experienced! You’ll be entered to win a FREE NutriBullet ! and feel amazing. Need recipes? Here you go! 

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