Flipping 50 Fall 2022 Women’s Fitness Retreat Colorado

Thanks for your interest- CLOSED: Flipping 50's 2022 Women's Fitness Retreat in Colorado

Women in midlife are the most powerful health influencers in the world.”

For women, one of the hardest things is often making time for self. For women who thrive on collaboration and connection, the last couple years has been bumpy. It’s time to connect and reconnect.. with you. This women’s fitness retreat is just for you.

I’ve witnessed in our community a strong desire to make the most … of time, of energy, of the life that’s here but doesn’t have a plan yet.

Guest speakers and activities will help you identify how hormones influence exercise and vice versa, open doors to new possibilities, identify how to care for a body that isn’t 22 and a mind that feels it is! 

Identify how lifestyle habits like some you experience during the retreat and others you can implement at home, can improve your hormones naturally. 

We’re going to flip “aging” over and redefine it and put your passion and purpose front and center every day in every way. 

I’ll share science-based strategies for gaining and keeping muscle and maintaining and boosting bone health now … to sustain you through decades to come. And you’ll take it home for reviewing long after.

And.. we’ll have fun doing it! Attend this women’s fitness retreat!

Women’s Fitness Retreat Plans:

Hiking – 4 beautiful iconic hikes against and in the foothills near Boulder, challenging yet with a “no woman left behind” policy. *You do want to be able to walk 7-10mi on flat land. (Training included)

Dining – enjoy a lite weekend of healthy, flavorful meals all respectful of food sensitivities and flavor preferences. We’ll dine in, dine-around and dine out. You’ll have a full kitchen for stocking any special needs you have, too.

Hormones & Exercise Session: Selection for your Optimal Health based on the moment you’re in

Weight Training Workshop: A opportunity to set your foundation, strengthen you functionally, and have Debra’s 38-yr experienced eyes on your form.

Small group time with Debra – focused on you, your goals, your needs, what’s working now and what’s not – go home with a plan

NEW! a professional on-location photo shoot  Not only will you have an image you love, you’ll be part of the beginning of a vault of strong midlife women living active, laughing and loving it. We’re creating a movement… and you’ll be a part of it.

Self-Reflection & Assessment – we’re going to find the things that light you up, they may surprise you, or just have been suppressed!

PLUS… 4 additional guest presenter/speakers … providing insight for our theme of “age strong”

Ready for Some Girl Time, Fresh Air, and "Good Tired" Sleeps?

This “she-treat” is a special redefine aging and redefine you. It’s not a goal-setting, habit-forming time. Instead it’s a purpose-finding, passion-awakening discovery or rediscovery of you. This event happens near Boulder, Colorado with lodging in Longmont, September 21-25. This women’s fitness retreat blends challenging movenent, learning, reflection, discovery, outdoors, and routine-busting.

[Fitness or Health coach? I’ve got an extra half day planned for you for business building 1-5 on Sunday. Register separately. Priority given to those registered for full event supporting hiking groups.] Take your women’s fitness retreat to the meta with this! 

Before you arrive it’s time for training so you enjoy, rather than endure, the scenic hikes. Your retreat training plan is included and begins as soon as you register. A sample women’s fitness retreat schedule and details about your host are listed below. (subject to minor changes)



8am or 9am hike (depending on location and weather conditions)

Noon Shower Break/lite lunch (lunch included some, not all days)

1:00 Guest speaker(s)

2:00 Special exercise clinic activity  

Opportunity to explore local area/nap/relax

5pm Dinner- Out/catered/group cooking & Activity (included every day)

*subject to change/tentative indication of daily activities


Wednesday 5pm Kick off meeting (Check-ins for Airbnb’s 3 or 4 depending on your stay)

Thursday 8am – 8pm

Friday 8am – 7pm

Saturday 8am – 7pm

Sunday 8am – 10pm (checkouts for all Airbnb’s 12 at the latest)

*Each day will offer time to enjoy the beauty and scenery that is Boulder/Front Range area.

Between the hikes, mountain air, and activity you’ll sleep well but we’re not out to exhaust you!

What You Can Expect Beyond challenging hikes: 

  • A physiotherapy presentation session with 2 expert trainers in a beyond-the-physical training & demo about optimizing active aging
  • A guest speaker survivor of a tragic accident who returned to ultra running (and is one of us)
  • A running clinic (yes, you can)
  • Introduction to meditation session
  • Yoga
  • Weight training 
  • Opportunities with our onsite professional photographer ready to capture strong, active you (yours after the event) 
  • Conversations with she-treat attendees with the possibility of creating lasting friendships & support

Optional for Fitness & Health Pros: 

Sunday 1-5pm Fitness Business Development & Branding Workshop (additional workshop fee sold separately includes:

  • preparation worksheet
  • private call with Debra to begin even before the event


I’m Debra Atkinson, Flipping 50 founder and I’m hosting this 6th Flipping 50 retreat, and 10th women’s-only retreat. 

It’s a dual-opportunity for women in midlife to come together [and for trainers and health coaches to attend, enjoy, and stay for a 4 hour workshop Sunday afternoon for support with business building post-pandemic]. 

The goal is simple. You’ll be out of your routine and potentially away from your home environment (though local? you’re welcome, too). 

That actually makes it easier to make behavior changes and consider what you love and what you’d love to change. Sometimes the shift of perspective a new schedule and a new location provide supports a mental shift too. 

Whether you want to come for the physical challenge, the exercise coaching, time with a coach or like-minded women, or you want to bust out of routine and be surrounded by women like you, if you’re a woman in midlife ready for some girl-time this is for you.

It will be a blend of getting dirty and dusty on trails, learning, laughing, opening up dreams and passions that have been sleeping in order to leave refreshed and recharged. 

It’s time to change our expectations about aging, midlife, and menopause. Immerse yourself with this Flipping 50 women’s fitness retreat.

Why Debra? 

For 38 years I’ve worked with women in midlife and 9 years ago I quit safety & security, the TIAA Cref fund and all the rest to reach more people. I didn’t know the midlife crisis would turn into a discovery that less than 10% of exercise research features women in menopause. 

I didn’t know that as a Senior Lecturer in Kinesiology for 15 years, I’d learned it all wrong and I’d been teaching it wrong. 

We in the fitness industry have been advising women in midlife (with a greater tendency toward fat storage) based on research about young athletic men (at the peak of muscle mass). 

No wonder midlife women are getting tired, gaining weight, and stressing adrenals by following “exercise guidelines.”

As a bestselling author, International fitness presenter, TEDx speaker, and creator of the Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialist, I know you can have the energy and vitality you want, need, and deserve. 

I’ve done it. I was there, comfortable, set for life, upper middle class, no debt… and knowing I was playing small. So I took a risk. And hit a bottom I didn’t know could happen to a small-town girl with conservative parents and the seemingly perfect life. 

And I’ve never grown so much or been so grateful for what happened for me. and… I believe, for you. 

Ready to start?

How to Reserve One of these Women’s Fitness Retreat Limited Spots 

(lodging included and slumber parties are part of the experience!) 

Rates vary by room type.

  • Single (Private room) $2495  beds are full, queen, or king – be first for that! 
  • Small Single (Private smaller space & twin bed) $1995 
  • Double (2 beds) $1795 (share a room with one other each with your own twin bed)

Bathrooms are plentiful. Full kitchen and nice indoor & outdoor areas to gather. 

There are a limited number of each type of accommodation. Currently there is no drop-in or local rate displayed. Preference for retreat spots given to attendees staying on site. Contact Debra @flippingfifty.com for exceptions or requests to join if you’re local. 

Optional Add-On Fitness or Health Coach Business Building Bundle (Includes 4 hour Sunday workshop, pre-business prep materials, and pre-call with Debra, valued at $1200) $495


Once you’re registered I’ll send you details to begin training soon. As the retreat approaches, you’ll receive additional details about your Airbnb location, check in time (generally 4pm – we’re working on exceptions) I’ll also share the “what to bring” and answer all your questions before you know to ask! If you are registering with a friend or sister and want to be at the same Airbnb, please register and DM message me on Instagram (@flipping50tv) or email [email protected] asap and we can accommodate. 

We’re booking the best rooms first come first serve. (Though ALL rooms and Airbnb hosts have been amazing!) 

In these times: Attendees have expressed desire for pokes. There’s no expression of right or wrong or personal choice. As many of our community have had to choose yes to protect and/or to see family members the choice was made by you, community members. No judgement about choice. We expect this to change in the future as the wave of change does with this ongoing public health issue. Appreciate your respect for others in the community and for F50 supporting attendees choice as they support yours.

What’s Not Included: 

Travel & Transport. Breakfasts. Lunch Sat (trail snacks yes). If you personally need something beyond lite lunch on Friday plan for that. You will have full kitchen (with blender!) access. Alcohol, and any additional services, coaching or sessions outside the retreat you choose are not included.

Your adventure awaits! Experience a predictably beautiful environment, unexpected gifts from being out of routine, and the joy of motion while exploring possibilities that can only happen at sleep-away camp!

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