Could Clothes Confidence Increase Your Weight Loss Success? #403

Feeling good means looking good and looking good means feeling good. Commitment to health habits and self care often comes down to self worth and self image. The sage advice to “get dressed and groom” no matter what the day brings is a challenge though if you don’t know what looks good. Stylist Sandra Veum is here to share tips for dressing for your body type. Connect with Sandra at my and to be considered for one of three lucky women we’ll select for a Style-over, follow the steps below (we’ll keep your identity confidential!)

Steps 1-2-3:

  1. download, fill out the Q, save, and send back to
  2. Include your #1 challenge right now (an event? A look good now while not yet at your end goal?)
  3. Send a picture or two of you that shows your form and body type

(We can block out your face and use just your first name to keep your identify anonymous)

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