Ditch Your Glasses or Contacts? Naturally Clear Vision

How does clear vision sound? Naturally. If you too have joined the club, whether it’s glasses or contacts for you, and never wanted to, then tune in! 

Want to ditch your glasses? I do! Whether you’re donning bifocals, trifocals, or just simply have joined that club you didn’t want to join, this is your episode! My guest has healed her sight, and hundreds of others too. She’s got tips on how to improve your site and vision and gain clear vision naturally. 

My Guest:


Claudia Muehlenweg, founder of Holistic Vision LLC and creator of the Naturally Clear Vision Method, always hated her glasses and has made it her mission to help others see clearly naturally… just like she has done. Claudia is a sought-after international speaker and workshop leader. She focuses on finding the root cause of her clients’ blurry vision instead of using symptomatic treatments like glasses, contacts, or surgery that can actually make their eyesight worse in the long term. 

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Questions we answer in this episode

  •  Is vision improvement eye exercises? 
  •  What’s the problem with glasses, contacts, and LASIK surgery? 
  •  Is vision decline unavoidable with all that time we are looking at screens nowadays? 
  •  What are Dos and Don’ts for good eyesight? 
  •  Why is it important to always wear sunglasses? (Hint: it’s actually NOT good) 
  •  What are some things my listeners can do right now to improve their vision? 
  •  What’s wrong with cheaters when the reading gets challenging? 

Naturally, clear vision is possible and I challenge you if you’ve found your way to the show notes, to relax your eyes right now. Relax the muscles around your eyes. Feel it? Step away from the computer and look out the window or go outside. Let your eyes land on green space.

Check out the 5 Day Better Vision Challenge! 

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