The Chronic Pain Solution for Complete Resolution

The chronic pain of tight upper back and neck and mid back combined with desire to gain strength and muscle through lifting weights may just be creating a vicious cycle. Could you be not over exercising, but under aware of your posture, over amplifying poor postural habits by your lifting and making things worse. 

Recently, three individuals on the same day, made me aware that lifting heavier caused acute tension and resulted in headaches either immediately or later after the workout. We reviewed posture. Chronically, forward head hang was a common denominator, either as static posture or in movement or working. 

When you take something already imbalance and add weight to it, only one thing can happen, a further imbalance. At some point the body will cry uncle. 

My guest today will make this crystal clear for you and, for me. 

If this is you, the duration of our episode is not enough to resolve your problem. It’s enough to make you fully aware of why massages and shoulder rubs and Theraguns haven’t done the trick for you. There’s another free resource we talk about at the end of the podcast so you can get more help. 

Cardiovascular Fitness Walking Tips

My Guest:  

Dr. Yoni Whitten is an expert in the art and science of permanent pain resolution. In addition to his hands-on work with patients over the last 15 years, Dr. Whitten has spent years researching and studying with experts in manual medicine, functional neurology and rehabilitation. Through his practice he has developed a revolutionary approach to chronic pain. Now, the system that Dr. Whitten developed has been codified and is available to chronic pain sufferers around the world. The Pain Fix Protocol, blends the latest scientific research with essential concepts from the fields of natural movement, evolutionary health, nutrition, structural hygiene, self-care and human performance. 

Questions We Answer in This Episode:

  • Headaches are too common among our women – what are common causes?
  • Are upper back and neck pain related to headaches? 
  • Rounded upper back or kyphosis 
  • What’s the cause for mid back tightness or pain – rhomboid area 
  • What are your thoughts about hanging or foam rolling? 
  • What’s the first step in fixing upper back and neck pain… permanently?

More Tips for Walking Effectiveness and Comfort

How to prevent tightness in hip/low back? What would cause lower back pain while walking?
Lower back pain can be prevented with improvements in walking posture. Imagine a tall posture, leaning forward from the ankles. The biggest mistake is made leaning from the waist.
Your fascia – the layer of ligamentous tissue covering your muscles – essentially stiffens. Change the gait or stop and stretch periodically.
Find warmups at my Youtube channel.

Long strides or short?
Yes! Based on the previous response, you want to mix it up.

Best posture while walking up a hill? Saving our knees?
I’m not sure these are the same question or separate, so I may misinterpret in my response. You maintain the same forward angle from the ankle as when on a flat. Avoid bending forward from the waist or the neck.

Best walking routine to burn the most fat in a shorter period of time?
This one completely depends! If you want to burn fat you have to be in an optimal cortisol and insulin dance. I could tell you a routine that for someone would support fat burning but for you might encourage fat storage or adrenal fatigue.

For Osteoporosis – [This question is not quite clear but doing my best]
Walk, but don’t only walk. We are mobile during the day so more of the same load doesn’t overload bone enough to add more stimulus.

How to Make Walking More Beneficial with These Tips

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