How chronic inflammation can interfere with your best life after 50!

A hidden cause of your weight loss resistance could be low-level chronic inflammation. Or for you, it could be the aches of the knees or hips. In this episode, I interview naturopath Elizabeth Yarnell. 

We’ll define inflammation and discuss how it starts, what increases it and how to reduce yours. If you aren’t feeling yourself or exercise isn’t feeling enjoyable, this may be a topic to explore. 

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My Guest: 

Since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999, Elizabeth Yarnell has been studying how to manage autoimmunity naturally as a traditional naturopath and Certified LEAP Therapist. She’s worked with hundreds of MS and other autoimmune sufferers in her nationwide clinic using unique, personalized natural therapies to empower them to reclaim their health. She’s a TEDx speaker, award-winning author whose cookbook has sold more than 60,000 copies, a patented inventor, and has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS as well as in Good Housekeeping, Health, Martha Stewart Living Radio, and many other outlets.

Questions we answer on this podcast:

  • [05:40] Let’s define chronic inflammation
  • [08:21] What causes inflammation? How can someone reduce inflammation? 
  • [16:18] How is chronic inflammation a hidden cause of weight loss resistance?  
  • [19:18] What kinds of symptoms occur with inflammation?
  • How could hidden parasitic infection be affecting your health?
  • Is picking up parasites related at all to immunity and resilience or just to chance? 
  • Why is after 50 the best time to take control of your health?
  • What is the title of your TEDx talk so listeners can find that? 

Take steps to reduce inflammation whether you’ve got signs or you want to prevent them from ever beginning. Your health will thank you. 

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