Change Habits Instead of Making Resolutions

Whether you make resolutions or not, this is listen-worthy. This is a repost of a popular podcast of late last year. If you aim to change habits instead of goal setting or traditional New Year’s Resolutions you will have already positioned yourself for greater success.

I’ve tweaked the original title, The Art of Change. This is an evergreen, every day topic I could address on any day of the year! Change is hard. We can capitalize on things we already do regularly to add new habits. To lose a habit that doesn’t serve you well, it’s always better to fill that space with something.

In the kitchen, I call those flips. You’re not just removing sugar or dairy. You’re substituting stevia or coconut products. You don’t give up pasta or pizza, you flip to black bean pasta or cauliflower crust.

Resolutions tend to lack specific actionable set of things you can do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can’t “exercise more.” You can exercise 3 days a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4-5 pm. You can’t eat out less. You can plan meals, shop for groceries, and spend Sunday afternoons preparing food for your lunches and dinners during the week.

For these reasons resolutions have failed you, not the other way around

Resolutions are short-lived. Habits are long enduring. You know that already when dropping a habit is hard.

You deserve to spend your energy well. We’ve all got only so much of it. You are going to have resistance to change. Be prepared for it.

A little resolutions trivia:

Only a small percentage of adults over 50 make New Year’s resolutions while almost 80% of younger adults do.

The most popular resolutions are still health, weight loss, save money, and exercise more. They haven’t changed in decades.

Making resolutions? Need help making changes?

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