MenOpop: “It’s Cool to be HOT” Party | Celebrating Women in Menopause

We’re celebrating women in menopause all month of October and doing it right along with my guest today. It’s Menopause Month and October 18 is World Menopause Day. (October 20 is Osteoporosis Day and this is also Breast Cancer Awareness month) It’s a busy month for women! 

My Guest:  

Michelle Cohen is a writer, director, singer & producer who’s diverse creative talents have been featured on CNN, Good Morning America, MTV, NPR’s “All Things Considered”, and in People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, The Chicago Tribune, and The Washington Post.  Michelle produced the off-Broadway megahit, Schoolhouse Rock Live! & brought Jeff Corey’s memoir, Improvising Out Loud: My Life Teaching Hollywood How to Act to print with an introduction by Leonard Nimoy and art work by Jack Nicholson. She is co-founder of Really Really Inc., an entertainment company that creates irresistible content which includes MenOpop, a Menopause Pop-Up & Activity Book at

Questions We Answer in This Episode:

  • Share the wild history of bringing MenOpop, a menopause pop-up & activity book to the world!
  • What is the “It’s Cool to be HOT! Party?”
  • What is the virtual SWAG BAG for MenOpoppers?
  • What is a “healing-through-humor” lifestyle brand?

It’s Michelle’s mission to be celebrating women in menopause and disrupting with humor as opposed to having to get to illness or disease. I couldn’t agree more and encourage you to hop over to menopop-dot-com and get registered for the party! 

If you’ve got one of 34 (or 36 according to Michelle’s count) symptoms of menopause and don’t even know it, you’ll love hearing what she’s got in mind. If you’ve been looking for the Judy Blume of menopause. We may just have found it. 


“It’s Cool to be HOT” Party! on Oct. 18: Join at the website link!

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