Bone Health

How To Eat, Exercise & Make Choices To Boost Bone Health

Add strength and transform the way your body feels as it moves

What You’ll Learn in the Bone Health Course:

  • How to build better bones to prevent osteoporosis
  • How to exercise safely with osteoporosis (or osteopenia)
  • Your realistic expectations and goals for bone health
  • How to eat, exercise, and make daily choices to boost bone health
  • Four key components of a Bone Health program

Delivered in:

  • Emails directly to your inbox (no log in or password*)
  • 4 Short Modules plus an introduction
  • An in-gym video extra showing how-to with technique tips
  • Images embedded in module 4 (all about exercise) for free weight options

And you'll get more:

  • Updates to the course after purchase will come directly to your email
  • We’ve already got some ideas for supporting materials
  • We’re listening to your feedback about what will be most helpful
Bone Health

Bone Health + After 50 Fitness Formula

This mini course is included inside The After 50 Fitness Formula For Women online course. You can get both the online course ($147) PLUS the Mini Course (regularly $49) for one all-inclusive price now. Get them both for just $147 by registering for the course (12 month access to course modules and private FB group).

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