BodyBuilding, Bikini and Figure After 50 | 5 Female Fitness Competitors Speak

Women Already Burn More Fat Than Men at Any Given Exercise Intensity

Ollie Chrzanowski-Smith from the University of Bath explains: “Our study found that females typically have a greater reliance upon fat as a fuel source during exercise than males. Understanding the mechanisms behind these sex differences in fuel use may help explain why being female seems to confer a metabolic advantage for insulin sensitivity, an important marker of metabolic health.”

What About Strength Training – Does it Support Fat Burning in Midlife?

Bodybuilding after 50

My guests today are not new to the Flipping 50 show. They were such a hit – an inspiration and source of intrigue – they’re back. This time I’m going to ask some more specific questions about their training, their nutrition, their show preparation, and more, so tune in for this one. 

This figure after 50 episodes will air as usual everywhere you listen to podcasts and you can also watch if you’d like to on YouTube as we release a version of this one in video at You can subscribe while you’re there so you don’t miss a new video.  

All of my guests today are over 60. 

Questions We Answer in this Episode:

  • Women watching want to know how much time you spend in the gym, what’s a typical workout schedule?
  • when you’re not gearing up for a competition 
  • when you are approaching a show 
  • Do you have concerns – as I do for any sport that has its competitors training or dieting at a level not sustainable for health? Can any of you comment on that? Does this give you any cause for concern? Or impact the frequency of competition?
  • Let’s talk about nutrition. There’s a stereotype that bodybuilders dine on chicken, broccoli, and rice or eat 5 or 6 times a day… what’s true? What’s a typical day like when you are just going to work out – wake up to bedtime? 
  • In the world of bodybuilders, everyone used to talk about steroids, what about hormones?
  • Can you be on HRT and compete? Are you? 
  • Have you gained or lost friends during this transition into bodybuilding as a lifestyle? 

Now You Listener: 

Where are you with this discussion, listener? Are you of the more interested in getting and keeping your figure after 50 or slightly intrigued by the idea of competing in figure? In other words… want to be one or just look like one?

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