How Do I Exercise for My Body Type? Reader Q and A

How Do I Exercise for My Body Type?

Could exercise for my body type be the missing link to more success? I answer this question today in this super short episode.

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Which Body Type are you?

  • Mesomorph
  • Ectomorph
  • Endomorph Body Type

A mesophorph body type is more muscular naturally. You have a more athletic body and were likely pretty good at most things you tried. You have adapted pretty quickly to exercise compared to others. If you lift incorrectly, you may have experienced easy gains in muscle strength and muscle size.

There is a bulk-building protocol and you want to avoid it. It’s the 3 x 10 we were all taught once upon a time.

Ectomorph’s have a hard time gaining lean muscle. You tend to be more linear and not have many curves at all. You are what is referred to as a hard gainer, because as much as you might try, you have a hard time gaining muscle and seeing any tone. You would want that bulk-building protocol!

Last, the endomorph body type is a curvy girl. You’ve got an hourglass figure. Marilyn Monroe was a classic endomorph. You want to definitely use the strength training to your advantage and want to progress to a point where you can lift at 10 or fewer repetitions if possible. Nothing wrong with being a curvy girl, just keep yourself healthy by maintaining a reasonable percent body fat and avoiding visceral body fat.

I’ll link to an episode of Flipping 50 TV where I explained about body type and the optimal repetition range for different body types.

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