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How to Exercise for Hormone Balance

Exercise for hormone balance? Yes. This podcast is all about four women, or maybe you, who represent women in my programs and private clients I’ve worked with for nearly three decades.Before we dive in, this episode is brought to you my Flipping 50’s 28 Day Kickstart, and the last day to register is the day

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Can You Break Up With Disordered Eating After 50?

Disordered eating after 50? This post is not very sexy but it hits on a topic that became a conversation between 35 and 40 years ago – when many of us flipping 50 were in our late teens, early 20’s and 30’s – flirting with it. Still today, the prevalence of eating disorders for many

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How to Make Your Workout Boost Your Slow Metabolism

Got Slow Metabolism Issues? Is a slow metabolism the obstacle between you and your best you? For a lot of women 50 and over, it is. If you too are realizing that you’re doing the same thing and your weight or waistline or both are increasing, and trying to modify what you’re doing isn’t working,

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Take the Exercise After 50 Quiz

Exercise After 50: Are You on Track? Exercise after 50 can optimize your muscles, bones, brain, and energy! It’s quiz time! Do you really know how to work your workout so it gives you the best results? Take this 10-question quiz HERE! Do it before you read the post below – no peeking – where

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How to Exercise During Adrenal Fatigue Recovery

This post is about how to boost adrenal fatigue recovery. Exercise and sleep are key components in feeling better. This post is sponsored by my friends at Sleep Number. As always, all thoughts are my own. Adrenal fatigue and adrenal stress are no joke. If you’re a goal-getter and love to exercise, overdoing it in

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10 Limiting Beliefs to Dump Before Starting an Exercise Program

If you’re thinking about starting an exercise program and you just can’t stand the thought of starting and quitting again, or you’re in it but you’re randomly doing things and can’t really commit to those regular habits that will make the difference, this post is for you. Are your thoughts fat? Have you got a

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12 Ways to Inspire Better Workouts

A Dozen Tips for Better Workouts This post is full of tips, tools, and tricks to make your workouts more fun, so you can stay motivated, and continue to get better results. Whether your better workouts are about enjoying them more or about avoiding injury or obstacles, you’ll find something here to inspire you! #1

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Could a 4-Minute or 7-Minute Workout Really Work?

Have you wondered? Could a 4 or 7-minute workout really work? The truth and science about doing a 4 or 7-minute workout is coming right up.  Improvements in fitness can be reached in as little as 4 minutes total exercise time. However, you need to read the fine print. The intensities required to do that

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Best Leg Exercise When You Can’t Lift Heavy Weights

When you want strong, toned legs, but pain, joint limitations, or a lack of access to a gym prevent you from being able to lift heavy weights, I’ve rounded up some of the best leg exercise options you can do at anywhere.  They’re single leg exercises and the reason they should find their way into

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Exercise During Menopause | Your After 50 Fitness Formula

Exercise During Menopause Is exercise during menopause confusing you? Why are you doing it? What have you been doing? How is that working? The right exercise during menopause requires some questions, some reflection, and some honesty. Honestly, it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing what you’ve always done. You know the end of

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osteoarthritis exercise tips

Osteoarthritis Exercise Tips So You Can Move Pain-Free

This post is full of osteoarthritis exercise tips and is sponsored by the good folks at Sleep Number. As always, all thoughts are my own. May is Arthritis Awareness month, but osteoarthritis affects millions of adults every day. If you’re one of them, the very things recommended to reduce arthritis pain may feel impossible. But

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Feel Better Fast: Try My 5-Day Flip

If you’ve been focused on burning calories with exercise and find it’s not working, in fact, it’s backfiring on you,  there’s an answer. When was the last time you finished exercise feeling good? And you kept feeling good for hours? You were more focused, more productive, and happier and you slept better and had fewer

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