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Why Strength Training for 50+ Women Is A Must

This post was originally published last fall. In light of the overwhelming response and media appearances I’ve done since, I’m sharing it again with a few updates. This is clearly a topic you’re interested in! There’s however a wide continuum of 50+ women who want to get started and don’t know what to do, who

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The Ultimate Guide to Avoiding Menopause Belly Fat

The Flipping 50 community tells me what you most want answers to and I respond. Of all the body-part related questions I get about arms, hips, joints, menopause belly fat is by far the most frequently topic. Spoiler alert: Menopause belly fat is common, not mandatory. What Does It Take To Get Flat Abs and

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Should You Be TESTING? Micronutrients, Hormones, and DNA

Testing to Reach Your Health Potential When you were 20 you had your whole life in front of you. You were testing limits. All that really mattered was the weekend. The formal. Who to ask to the formal or who would ask you. The next exam or paper that was due. And you’re workouts were

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Your Hormones and Heart Health

The Connection: Your Hormones and Heart Health During this Heart Health Month post, I look at the hormones and heart health connection. It’s no secret that you are an integrated being. The health of your bones is related to hormones. Your fat storage and fat burning ability are related to hormones. Your muscle definition is

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Why Protein Recommendations After 50 Are So Confusing

Protein Recommendations After 50 Confusing You? One of the most commonly overlooked parts of fitness after 50 is protein. Strength training is crucial, yet misunderstanding protein recommendations after 50 can sabotage strength training results. Why is it so very confusing to find and follow protein recommendations after 50? I crack open this question in this

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5 Mistakes To Avoid If You Want to Boost Your Metabolism Over 50

Yes, You Can Boost Your Metabolism Over 50If you want to boost your metabolism over 50 you’ve got to avoid these common mistakes. Many of these were born decades ago when we though weight training led to bulk or slashing calories and jumping into aerobics for hours was the perfect solution to fitting into the

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The Top 10 Ways Exercise Will Reverse Aging

Reverse Aging with the Right Exercise  Longevity may have been the buzzword in health and medicine last year. From fasting to fitness it was all about increasing the lifespan. Yet living longer without living better isn’t what most of us are dreaming about. If a better “healthspan” is what you’re looking for, you’re in the

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12+ Ways to Make Exercise Easier (and get better results)

Simple Ways to Make Exercise Easier (and get better results) Make exercise easier! I can’t do the workout for you but here’s how I may be able to help! Here’s how to get better at gymming (even at home)! 1. Tie a post-workout meal you LOVE to your exercise.  This works for more challenging workouts,

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Should You Follow the Biggest Fitness Trends in 2019?

The Predicted Fitness Trends in 2019 The annual survey of the biggest fitness trends in 2019 results are in. This year marks the 13thyear of the survey that polls fitness professionals around the world and asks them what is true and what they expect to continue to be true for their business in the coming

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How to Use Exercise to Balance Hormones

Yes, you can get results in as little as 20 minutes several times a week. In fact, for a woman in perimenopause, menopause, or beyond the answer is often less exercise to balance hormones. These are ways you benefit by finding the right exercise to hormone balances: Increase growth hormone Improve insulin response Increase testosterone Stabilize blood

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Top 10 Reasons to Strength Train After 50

Counting down David Letterman style I shared 10 of the (just a start on the life-changing benefits of strength training) reasons to strength train after 50 recently on a Facebook live and IGTV. It’s been so popular there I pulled it up for this quick post at the start of the New Year. Any time

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How Not to Get Sick |Travel Well This Holiday

Order this not that at Starbucks Instead of your Carmel Mocha Latte >>> Matcha latte with almond milk and stevia You’ll get a natural boost of energy without the sugar, that doesn’t leave you wired and reduce your risk of cancer. Instead of your Smoothie (sugar and sugar with dairy-based whey) >>> Oatmeal (without brown

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