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Debating “Real Food” vs. Smoothies?

Plus you get fiber, fat, protein AND several servings of vegetables and fruit in one convenient and quick meal. To make it just a little bit easier to save, use this 10% off coupon right now. It’s GOODFOOD10 (You can save 15% every day on your order of 6 or more at a time: round up your girlfriends!)

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9 Best Exercises for Beyond 50 Feeling 30

These exercises provide bone density (when weight selected is heavy enough for overload), and a metabolism – boost through fat loss and lean muscle increase. Collectively, those benefits add up to longevity with your health in tact. We’re not just looking for a longer lifespan, after all. We’re looking for a longer “healthspan.”

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Why Strength Training After 50 Is So Important

Strength training is beneficial at any age. Strength training after 50 should be mandatory. Health concerns that result in medical costs, loss of independence, and early decline could be avoided or reduced with weight training. The list of issues that plagues many adults over 50, including women going through menopause, is almost exactly opposite the

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When Belly Fat Won’t Budge After 50

I’m pulling back the curtain on Flipping 50 programs in this post. Every single belly fat solution here is included in the 28-Day Kickstart and the After 50 Fitness Formula for Women.Whether you want or need to lose weight… OR, it’s just that the belly fat won’t budge, OR you want to get your energy

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More Proof Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work

And you thought the politics were on a break. There’s a whole other debate going on. Are you in the calorie counting doesn’t work camp or the calorie counting is king cult? Have you asked any of the following calorie counting questions? How many calories will this burn? What’s the best fat-burning exercise? How many

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Let’s get the obvious out of the way: I’m a summer girl. I don’t heat the “lower level” in my house unless I’ve got guests and at 8800 ft. elevation, baby, it’s COLD, INSIDE! So popping into my sauna warms my bones…literally. The real reason I love it is this: I’m a two-for-one girl. I

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When You Think You Don’t Have Time to Exercise…

If the holidays are bringing extra decorating, entertaining, shopping, hosting, traveling and fun into your life they may be putting the squeeze on your time to exercise. Time is a limiting factor for any of us any time of year. This post is about how to change the way you think about that. STAT! No

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High Intensity Exercise: How Much is Too Much?

Are you doing too much high intensity exercise? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been the holy grail of fitness trends for the past several years. Is it the Holy Grail for YOU? Here’s what a recent study says and how to interpret that if you’re a woman flipping (or wanting to) her second half

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The What, Why, and How of Sauna for Weight Loss and Detox

Do you sauna? Why would you want to?How would you like a passive way to boost your energy?Not to mention detox, improve skin, sleep, heal wounds…And a convenient way to do it at home? In minutes?[Image: me next to a Sunlighten full model last August! Do you recognize fellow fitness pro Betty Rocker sitting inside?]I’ve

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A Better Cookie: Protein-Packed Snacks for Holiday Health

Protein-Packed Snacks for Holiday Health I’m flipping traditions with these 4 protein-packed snacks, desserts, even breakfasts in this post! I don’t know about you but in our family the baking began Thanksgiving week. It seems like Thanksgiving evening in fact we used to ice sugar cookies in Santa, stockings, and Christmas tree shapes. Then my

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15 Tips for Active Aging from World Games Athletes

  Getting older is inevitable. Aging and feeling old are optional. Active aging is a choice. Of course, you’re going to have birthdays, but what we know as the aging process is changing. You can change your physical health by changing the way you exercise, eat, and prioritizing quality sleep. In doing so you can

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