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What You Need to Know for Hormone Balancing Exercise

Hormone balancing exercise is not just “any” exercise. Nor is it any time of day. Your specific signs and symptoms dictate the right exercise prescription. You, however, are not sick. But the signs in this case are… inability to lose weight, exhaustion when you wake, inability to sleep, belly fat, signs of cellulite and water

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How to Practice Radical Self Care During Stress

A commitment to radical self care during stress got me through the first six months of 2019. As easy as it is to skimp or skip altogether those habits during times of stress or “extra” things (to do or on your mind) they are most critical then. Before I tell you a little about how

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5 Minute Guide to Estrogen Levels and Exercise You Need

What’s the connection between estrogen levels and exercise? Whether you assess estrogen levels by labs or messages your body sends you, estrogen status is an important consideration in your exercise plan. If you want to feel better, sleep better, and avoid fat deposits and find optimal weight, your exercise choices matter. This post will give

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How to Use The Most Powerful Hormone Balancing Fitness Plan

Hormone Balancing Fitness In this post I include the intel on 1) hormones that balance each other 2) hormones that influence energy and your exercise (ability and results), and 3) how your exercise influences your hormone balance, and a 4) quick summary of how to modify exercise to support the hormones mentioned.  Note: this post includes what happens

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4 Ultimate Health & Fitness Guides for Simple Solutions

Your New Reading List! Kickstart your summer with a few of my best health & fitness guides. Looking for health & fitness recommendations that are made for you, and only you? Are you done with the one-size-fits all ages, sizes, and both genders approach? You’re in the right place. I’ve designed several health & fitness

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Why your food struggles can be a blessing in disguise

Food struggles are a reality for most people at some point in their lives. Women traditionally have spent more time in the kitchen, planning if not preparing food.And their givers. Often pleasers squelching the way they really feel to be “acceptable.”Can you relate? Have you had food struggles? Too little, too much, emotional eating, dieting,

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8 Strength Training Mistakes Wasting Your Time (fix them)

I compiled this list of 8 strength training mistakes using two sources. I’ve had decades of observation and from a recent study. The study reviewed 25 prior studies pertaining to resistance training in older adults. Researchers deduced the most effective practice in resistance training programs for healthy older adults. This list is derived from assessing

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7 Mental Health Benefits from Exercise That You’ll Love

During mental health month I want to touch on the mental health benefits of exercise. Women experience depression – and anxiety – 50% more than men at least up until the age of 65. Hormones play a part, so it’s only fair to fight fire with fire. This post is all about the mental health

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Why HIIT Injury Risks Are High for Women in Menopause

How to Reduce Injury Risks While You Get Fit Women in menopause are looking for answers. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has a reputation for being an amazing way to burn fat in less time than steady state or continuous exercise. There’s no arguing with studies proving it. There’s probably no time when HIIT is

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Is HIIT really the best … for you? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), or burst training, has become known as the fat burning exercise mecca. It overcomes the biggest obstacle to exercise: time, and targets the most common goal: weight loss. Countless studies show favorable results using HIIT for caloric burn and fat burning. [I’ll

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Are You Doing HIIT Wrong? Avoid These HIIT Mistakes

In spite of the popularity, and the science behind it, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is not the panacea for fitness. It’s a part of a plan. It punctuates a week of exercise. Now that HIIT has lived beyond trend and fad science is beginning to support the place it has for optimal risk:reward ratio.

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Why Calories Burned from Exercise Don’t Make You Fit

Calories burned from exercise don’t make you fit. They don’t make you thinner or happier. Especially after 50 movement and physical activity is important. However, the decades of conditioning you’ve had for counting calories in vs. calories out could backfire on your desire to be fit. Do you need to exercise to get fit? Yes

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