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Upper Body Strength for Women | Pull Ups After 50

Upper body strength is lacking for many women. If you use your lower body to walk, run, bike, hike you may find you have a fairly strong lower body. If you’ve been more sedentary since COVID? It’s time to get moving. Yes, a few squats and lunges, hiking up hills, or substituting bridges and hamstring

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3 Warm-Ups for Your Best Workout | Exercise in Menopause

Great workouts start with a great warm up. Skip either of your 2-part warm up and you miss opportunities to get a better workout, reduce risk of injury, enhance oxygen delivery (to burn more fat), and feel better doing it. The two parts of ideal warm-ups: Core temperature elevation (doing low level of the exercise

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Beautiful Ageless Bodies of Fitness Professionals: Authentic or Artificial?

Fitness professionals are generally fit-looking, attractive, and wear revealing clothing, if under the guise of showing their movement for demonstration purposes. Is it real or fake? Does it matter? Before you read further, you might want to pause. How does it make you feel, really make you feel when you see a perfectly-polished body with

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Exercise Lies for Women in Menopause | My Almost Banned TEDx

Let’s talk exercise lies for women in menopause! Did you know my TEDx talk was not only a victim of COVID19 for 7 months (yes, crazy wait from Nov 10 to June to have it released), but it was almost banned. It’s not easy to swim upstream. Meaning when you have a strong message that

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Is Your Workout Costing You Muscle, Bone, and Metabolism?

What if your workout is costing you muscle bone and metabolism? How easy it is to be swayed or confused by information if you’re not asking the right questions. During research for a master class recently I came across an article that prompted this post. My hope with this post is two fold. 1) You’ll

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13 Reasons the Right Exercise Matters More in Menopause

During menopause you’re more susceptible to negative effects of stress. Avoid the wrong exercise (that will worsen stress) and do the right exercise and you can reduce or eliminate symptoms of menopause. There are at least 34 symptoms associated with menopause. This short list of 13 pesky symptoms can be supported by the right exercise.Hot

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Hot Weather Skin Care I’m Loving Right Now

Hot weather skin care problems? I get you. I’ve got answers. This post is filled with my favorite way to pamper my skin right now. Hot Weather Skin Care Solutions If all the talk about masks has got you crazy, this post will come as a welcome reprieve. I’m a mask girl. One of my

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Hot Weather Hydration for Hot Flashes | What I’m Drinking

Hot weather hydration is a must whether you’re 20, 50 or 80. But listen, if you’re drinking coffee and wine with regularity, chances are you’re not even close to getting enough. That’s a conversation for another post, but this one is about finding the “goldilocks” of hydration AND doing it as naturally as possible by

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Immunity & Healthy Body Comp | Do You Need to Improve Your pH?

What’s your pH got to do with weight loss? Or immunity? Here’s the scoop on how this may help you reach your goals faster. Improve your pH to improve all your goals. Want the Details? Great Timing!! Register for Flipping 50’s Master Class on pH. Save your spot – this will fill. Eat animal protein?Enjoy your wine

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Truth About Women’s Fitness in Menopause | My TEDx Talk

Women’s fitness in menopause is a hot topic. This is what I shared in a recent post when I began to spread the word about my TEDx talk: I think I just threw up a little bit. That’s how I titled my post. Here’s why. My TEDx Talk Story Let me tell you what happens

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Should You Do Barre Classes or Barre None Over 50?

Are barre classes more than a trend? Will they truly give you a dancer’s body?In this post I’m going to tackle a topic that may alienate me from you! That’s not the goal! My goal and mission is to point out the connection between what you want and what you’re doing to help you decide

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Stretching Exercise

Truths About Women’s Weight Loss After 50

The truth about weight loss after 50 is we’ve got to kick some of those lingering old ideas to the curb. Whether you are trying exercise, diet, or wisely, both, some of your strategies may need a 21st century change. 1) “More” Exercise is Worse Especially when you take the old school eat less, exercise

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