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Why Your Fat Loss Slows No Matter What You Do

Fat loss slows… 1. When you eat meals and snacks  grazing through the day. 2. When you over exercise – even if it doesn’t feel like a lot – and you’re already exhausted, or “under fueled.” It’s a concept called energy availability. If you don’t have any, you’re creating a status not conducive to your

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Matcha Brand Comparison Taste Testing

By accident I realized a matcha brand comparison taste test was in order. This post is about my blind test. Look, it’s no secret that I’ve been a huge fan of Pique Tea for two years. Before that, well it’s about as embarrassing as admitting that when I started using protein powder I didn’t know

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Training Women Different in Menopause or at Any Age

Training women different than men is an absolute must. This post originally appeared in Facebook on the Flipping 50 page. I share it here so that it has more longevity. There is some much-needed information here that you need to have. I’ve been “behind the scenes,” in every possible aspect in the fitness industry since

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The Ultimate Guide to HIIT in Menopause (and Beyond)

In this Guide to HIIT in Menopause it’s important to consider that there are different phases of menopause and that each woman’s journey is unique. The best way to gage your own need is to monitor your signs and symptoms. Hot flashes and night sweats are the most easily identified symptoms, but 34 symptoms are

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HRT to Avoid Muscle Loss After Menopause? Is It the Answer?

How can you avoid muscle loss after menopause? A 2020 study proved Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) could prevent or slow sarcopenia (muscle loss) for women in post-menopause. This post addresses when and what to consider regarding HRT as a supplement to exercise, nutrition, & lifestyle changes for menopause. Here’s the spoiler alert if you want

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Menopause Exercise and Immunity | Your Next Workout

No matter how you feel about vaccines how and when you do your next workout is a key to menopause exercise and immunity. It’s here today and it’s free. Rewards Now and Later Even a single high intensity exercise session (less than 60 min) compared to being inactive stimulates highly active immune cell to strengthen your

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Muscle and Bone Losses | The Effects of Pandemic + Menopause

Muscle and bone losses during menopause… are compounded by the pandemic. Or, is it that muscle and bone losses during the pandemic are compounded during menopause? Regardless, this is a topic that could affect the long term health of aging women more than anyone else. It’s more than just the “quarantine 15” and too much

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How Fit Is Your Face? At Home Facial Step-by-Step

Follow this at home facial step-by-step to shape up your skin and enjoy a little well-deserved R & R for all your workouts this year. It’s a legit question! Do you have tone? Good circulation? Feeling flat and dry and weathered? Skin is your outermost organ. Skin care is pretty important in your overall health.

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Effects of Hormone Replacement on Belly Fat in Menopause

Recent studies are suggesting that menopause hormone replacement is a worthy option to combat belly fat in menopause. Hormone therapy reduced levels of belly fat compared to women not using hormone therapy.In a study published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism both total fat and belly fat were reduced with menopause hormone therapy. Further,

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