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Let’s get the obvious out of the way: I’m a summer girl. I don’t heat the “lower level” in my house unless I’ve got guests and at 8800 ft. elevation, baby, it’s COLD, INSIDE! So popping into my sauna warms my bones…literally. The real reason I love it is this: I’m a two-for-one girl. I

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When You Think You Don’t Have Time to Exercise…

If the holidays are bringing extra decorating, entertaining, shopping, hosting, traveling and fun into your life they may be putting the squeeze on your time to exercise. Time is a limiting factor for any of us any time of year. This post is about how to change the way you think about that. STAT! No

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High Intensity Exercise: How Much is Too Much?

Are you doing too much high intensity exercise? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been the holy grail of fitness trends for the past several years. Is it the Holy Grail for YOU? Here’s what a recent study says and how to interpret that if you’re a woman flipping (or wanting to) her second half

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The What, Why, and How of Sauna for Weight Loss and Detox

Do you sauna? Why would you want to?How would you like a passive way to boost your energy?Not to mention detox, improve skin, sleep, heal wounds…And a convenient way to do it at home? In minutes?[Image: me next to a Sunlighten full model last August! Do you recognize fellow fitness pro Betty Rocker sitting inside?]I’ve

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A Better Cookie: Protein-Packed Snacks for Holiday Health

Protein-Packed Snacks for Holiday Health I’m flipping traditions with these 4 protein-packed snacks, desserts, even breakfasts in this post! I don’t know about you but in our family the baking began Thanksgiving week. It seems like Thanksgiving evening in fact we used to ice sugar cookies in Santa, stockings, and Christmas tree shapes. Then my

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15 Tips for Active Aging from World Games Athletes

  Getting older is inevitable. Aging and feeling old are optional. Active aging is a choice. Of course, you’re going to have birthdays, but what we know as the aging process is changing. You can change your physical health by changing the way you exercise, eat, and prioritizing quality sleep. In doing so you can

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Is Your Exercise Creating a Fast Twitch Muscle Problem?

Do You Have A Fast Twitch Muscle Problem? Muscle losses due to the aging process begin as young as 30 unless your exercise program has included resistance training exercise. Let’s get specific though. Between the ages 20 and 75 50% of Fast Twitch muscle fiber is lost. What does that mean? In addition to your

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5 Easy Time-saving Flips so you can Make Time for Exercise

5 Flips so you can Make Time for Exercise If you’re trying to make time to exercise in an already full day, this is for you! It’s realistic and sane. It’s not about freeing up hours or dumping something else important to you – though that might be something you want to consider. This post

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Build a Better Butt Without Squats or Lunges

A Better Butt is More Than Vain Its not just how good you look in those jeans. It’s injury prevention. So go ahead and indulge in those exercises that might look a little fluffy at first glance. Squats and lunges alone won’t get to these muscles and if you’re limited by knees that don’t allow

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The Best and Worst Exercise for Belly Fat and Fatigue

If you’re battling belly fat and or fatigue, it’s even more frustrating if you’re feeling like you’re doing everything right! Some of the best intentions can put you two steps back, however. So here’s a reminder for how to deal with the two more common complaints from students and clients. Consider this your quick guide

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50% of Women Don’t Know How to Build Bone Density, Do You?

If you want or need to build bone density, this post is for you! This is a July 2021 update to a 2019 (pre-pandemic if you can remember back) quiz. More than 1000 women completed the quiz, all over 45. I’m sharing updated (July 2021) results from this recent Flipping 50 community quiz. Miss it?

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