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Could a 4-Minute or 7-Minute Workout Really Work?

Have you wondered? Could a 4 or 7-minute workout really work? The truth and science about doing a 4 or 7-minute workout is coming right up.  Improvements in fitness can be reached in as little as 4 minutes total exercise time. However, you need to read the fine print. The intensities required to do that

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Best Leg Exercise When You Can’t Lift Heavy Weights

When you want strong, toned legs, but pain, joint limitations, or a lack of access to a gym prevent you from being able to lift heavy weights, I’ve rounded up some of the best leg exercise options you can do at anywhere.  They’re single leg exercises and the reason they should find their way into

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Exercise During Menopause | Your After 50 Fitness Formula

Exercise During Menopause Is exercise during menopause confusing you? Why are you doing it? What have you been doing? How is that working? The right exercise during menopause requires some questions, some reflection, and some honesty. Honestly, it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing what you’ve always done. You know the end of

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osteoarthritis exercise tips

Osteoarthritis Exercise Tips So You Can Move Pain-Free

This post is full of osteoarthritis exercise tips and is sponsored by the good folks at Sleep Number. As always, all thoughts are my own. May is Arthritis Awareness month, but osteoarthritis affects millions of adults every day. If you’re one of them, the very things recommended to reduce arthritis pain may feel impossible. But

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Feel Better Fast: Try My 5-Day Flip

If you’ve been focused on burning calories with exercise and find it’s not working, in fact, it’s backfiring on you,  there’s an answer. When was the last time you finished exercise feeling good? And you kept feeling good for hours? You were more focused, more productive, and happier and you slept better and had fewer

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The Ultimate After 50 Smoothies Guide | For Energy You’ll Love

This after 50 smoothies guide answers all the questions I’ve fielded over my career as well as those I’ve personally had over 34 years as a female fitness professional, and athlete, and desk-bound entrepreneur. You may have resistance to smoothies or protein. I’ll share with you why I did, why you should also have resistance

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Is Your Diet Keeping You Up at Night?

This post about better sleep is sponsored by Sleep Number. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are completely my own. If you’re on a low-calorie diet, you might be missing out on important nutrients. If you’re missing out on important nutrients, it could be interfering with your sleep. This vicious cycle is detrimental to a healthy

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The Powerful Protein – Muscle – Longevity Connection You Need to Know

Are you confused about protein muscle, and their relationship to longevity? You’re not alone. How much protein do you need? Where should it come from? Is all protein created equal? Do you get enough? The first question isn’t whether you get “enough” protein. The first question is how much protein you think is “enough.” The

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How to Exercise Best for More Hormone Balance

What Exactly is Hormone Balance? Before you get more hormone balance you obviously need a clear definition of hormone balance! If you’re not actually sure what hormone balance is or if some of your recent frustration with a lack of your “you-ness” seems to describe hormone imbalance, read on. This post is for you. It’s not just

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How to Solve Your Biggest Midlife Fitness Questions

I’m tacking your biggest fitness questions in this post! Fitness questions you’re asking or should ask! Midlife fitness is like a mystery novel. You think you’ve got it figured out and then a new twist in the plot changes things. In the most recent selection process for Flipping 50 TV season III I had the

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5 Spring Training Workout Musts

Spring training is in full gear. Well, almost. My late March birthday found me 8 inches deep in snow. (At least in this great state of Colorado, it’s nearly gone by evening!) Still, long bike rides, rounds of golf, and a season of sleeveless tops and shorts are approaching at the same speed! In this

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Your Aerobic Exercise Will Destroy Easy Weight Loss

Easy weight loss now? You may be thinking easy weight loss isn’t even possible after 50. If you’re doing aerobic exercise – and skipping weight training – there’s a reason why weight loss seems so hard. If you’re Flipping 50 hoping to keep it going into your 60s and 70s with a faster metabolism hop

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