Birthdays After 40 | Happy 60th Birthday

The birthdays after 40. Remember when birthdays were all slumber parties and phone-shaped cake? What are your thoughts on birthdays now? While we couldn’t wait to be older once, I’m curious how some of the birthdays now feel. First there was 10 – double digits, then 13 of course finally making it to teenage-hood. Then 16 for the license, a new decade at 20 and oh so adult. 

Welcome to a little peek behind the curtain at Flipping 50. And.. I’ll ask what “turning 60” felt like- approaching it, thinking about it, what you would have thought at 20 or 30 about “60” and what you think now.

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My Guest

Karen, a retired educator and Flipping 50® Community Coach, is a passionate advocate for healthy living and active aging. Throughout her career as an educator, Karen witnessed firsthand the impact of healthy habits on overall well-being and longevity. After retiring, she dedicated herself to furthering her knowledge in the field of fitness and wellness. As a Flipping 50 Community Coach, Karen leverages her expertise to provide valuable guidance, support, and practical strategies to women flipping 50 hot, not bothered who are looking to optimize their health, fitness, and overall quality of life.

Questions We Answer in This Episode:

  • What we’re your thoughts in the days and weeks leading up to your 60th birthday?
  • What did you think about turning 60 in your 20’s, and 30’s?
  • What do you think now about 90… 30 years from now… as compared to being 30 and the way you might have thought about being 60?
  • What have been the biggest aha’s in your life so far?
  • When we get closer to a finish line or end of a 4rth quarter, we usually push the accelerator, we want to get things in we haven’t, make things happen that didn’t…. Is there any of that for you – what would it be?


How do YOU feel about birthdays after 40, listener? 

OK, so that’s a part of our team. How would you like to hear who else is behind the curtain at Flipping 50 and why it matters to them to work here? I’d love to hear from you if that would be fun. Or would you like to hear from a Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialist? One of our health or fitness coaches? Share your response with me on Instagram or in the Insiders group on Facebook.

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