Build a Better Butt Without Squats or Lunges

A Better Butt is More Than Vain

Its not just how good you look in those jeans. It’s injury prevention. So go ahead and indulge in those exercises that might look a little fluffy at first glance. Squats and lunges alone won’t get to these muscles and if you’re limited by knees that don’t allow squats and lunges, you can still target your gluteus medius with these seven exercises.

Flip: Strengthening the “glutes” can support your knees. If you’ve lost cartilage it won’t bring it back but strong gluteals and hips keep the knees in optimal alignment and increase stability.

Start:Try these seven exercises each with one set of 10-12 repetitions to start. You can do them daily if you’re feeling like these muscles are truly weak.

Progress:Progress to 2 sets, then to three and you can increase to 15 repetitions. Once you feel you’ve got a better butt- you’re stronger, going up stairs easier, then you can rotate the exercises and pick a few to do a several days of the week to maintain. Doing these before any other lower body exercises you do may help you wake-up some sleepy muscles.

7 Exercises for a Better Butt  

Standing Wall Press

Stand 12-14 inches from a wall if you’re using a small ball. Stay tall. Can be done with or without a ball. Position the ball midway between knee and hip.

Side stepping

Position long tubing under the arch of your feet, cross the tubing in front of you. as you hold the handles.* (see

Band Multi Direction Tap

Front side and back

Place band* above knees (see

Side Step + Monster walks with Band*

Place band above knees, shins or ankles, or around feet (see

Side lying clams position I

Perform with heels, hips, back and head against a wall. Hold briefly at the top of the lift.

Side lying clams position II

Assume the same position as clams I

Side lying hip abduction

Position yourself against a wall. Keep the heel sliding up the wall for optimal position, toe forward not up. Keep the lift only in range you feel the gluteus medius contract (too high shifts the work away from this muscle).

Motivation Flips

Strengthening the glute medius can help prevent injuries or conditions that occur when you become out of balance due to using your dominant side more. You never notice it until it’s become a problem. A balanced butt is a better butt.

You get the best of both worlds from a better butt: feeling better in those jeans andless risk that injuries will slow you down.

You Already Do Squats and Lunges?

Don’t dismiss these exercises! Even if you can do squats and lunges, occasionally going specific and focused with these can boost your booty results. Try doing these seven exercises as a functional warm up before you do a full workout that includes those big lower body exercises.

Alternately, do these better butt along with a little core in between your bigger workouts.

Two exercises not on this list could also be incorporated. Ball bridges and hamstring curls are easy-on-the-knees exercises you can add to your better butt collection.

The bottom line (pun intended) is a strong bum is important for better movement and supports knee alignment and lower back safety. So spend some time using these exercises!

Want to try a month-long better butt challenge?

Join me October 1-31, 2018!

Do a free challenge with us and post your progress weekly at the Flipping50TV Facebook page when we do Flipping 50 Fridays. You could even win a Nutribullet! Follow these rules:

  1. post a screenshot of your workout tracker
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  6. 2 Nutribullet winners will be selected and announced by Nov. 3 after review of post records.

Here’s how to enter and stay eligible:

>>Join our Flipping 50 community of subscribers and get access to the challenge before October 1, 2018. I’m sharing the challenge with our subscribers this week in emails so watch your inbox! This is where I’ll keep you updated on the contest and remind you to post to win (and get a better butt)!

*For my favorite band and tubing source see and choose Versa Loops (bands) and Versa Tube or Premium Versa Tube (cushioned handles). I use LIGHT in each for a combination of optimal range of motion and resistance. You may want extra light if you’re just beginning or a more challenging resistance if you’re really strong (but don’t sacrifice range of motion).

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