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after dinner drinkFlipping 50’s Better After Dinner Drink

Most after dinner drinks are full of sugar, alcohol, or caffeine. This one subs as a dessert and you could use decaf coffee if that’s your jam. Mint and chocolate are powerful paired with protein. Try this whether you’re just off the slopes or sledding hill or you’re at your desk!  



Blend the hot water with protein powder, cacao, and peppermint with a small immersion blender right in your mug. (or add to a blender). Blend until smooth.

Top with whipped cream and cacao nibs for a decadent treat.

Flip: Make it richer by heating unsweetened almond milk instead of water

This after dinner drink is like that favorite Girl Scout cookie in a mug. Only better for your body and missing the carbs and sugar. Unlike most after dinner drink favorites, there’s no alcohol (though I wouldn’t be surprised if you adventurous folks might try Peppermint Schnapps instead of extract!) and it’s kid-friendly too. It tastes and feels like a rich dessert without sending your blood sugar soaring and ready for a crash, or making sleep a restless matter.

After dinner a sweet treat like this can signal your brain that it’s “done.” So you don’t go looking for snacks before bed and you’re satisfied not disciplined. Plus it won’t fill you up in an uncomfortable way the way some desserts can do. There’s nothing here to trigger food sensitivities either, unlike most desserts.

Try it! Share it! And let me know how it goes!

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