AARP’s Best Podcasts After 50 List | The Flipping 50 Podcast

We Made the Best Podcasts After 50 List!

AARP, the nation’s largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering Americans 50 and older to choose how they live as they age, recently recognized the Flipping 50 podcast as one of nine best podcasts after 50.

best podcasts after 50I’m thrilled.

I’m thrilled for the guests that join me on the Flipping 50 podcast who have a message that I’ve hand-selected for the show because of the way they might positively influence listener’s lives.

I’m thrilled for listeners of the Flipping 50 podcast who have more opportunity to be inspired, educated, motivated and find a community of others who can raise their expectations about aging.

I’m thrilled for those who aren’t listening yet. Those 30 and 40-somethings will have a life of aging they look forward to and dreams that start or are fulfilled after 50 because of the examples they’ll have and the new research ahead.

Years ago I got that AARP card in the mail and couldn’t throw it away fast enough! Anyone else? I was like, yikes! way too soon! Now, I’m excited about the possibilities and their selection for best podcasts after 50!

AARP has 38 million members. That number ironically is the same number of baby boomer women. There are 25 million Gen X women right behind us. We’re powerful. Women make or influence at least 80% of all household decisions. We’re influencing the health of this world by example.

AARP and Flipping 50 are leading a revolution in the way people view, live, and love life after 50. One way I do that is through the Flipping 50 podcast.

One way you can help is to visit the podcast on iTunes. Leave a rating for the podcast if it’s been valuable for you. When you leave a rating you’re voting for best podcasts after 50 too! You’re telling iTunes and me that the content is valuable and creating more awareness for women who might be struggling to find a voice that they can know, like, and trust.

Here’s how to leave a rating for the Flipping 50 podcast:

  1. Visit the Flipping 50 podcast in iTunes
  2. Click to view in iTunes
  3. Click “ratings and reviews”
  4. Click the 5-star (yes, optimistic!) rating AND leave a comment

Another way is to download the Flipping 50 podcast on your phone and take me with you for a walk, your commute, or listen during your weight training session.

The best way to help spread our news about the best podcast after 50 selection is to share the Flipping 50 podcast with a friend (or three). Share the iTunes link of an episode that you enjoyed. Add it to your Facebook timeline (you can link right to it from iTunes episodes). Creating awareness that it’s out there, it’s for women, and it’s focused on the most frequently asked questions, the most frustrating concerns, and the most uplifting stories, is the first step.

best podcasts after 50 How to share Flipping 50 with a friend:

  1. Visit the Flipping 50 podcast
  2. Click on an episode you found valuable to see it in iTunes
  3. At the far right click to get a link to share to Facebook (or Twitter). It might look like you’re buying (it’s free) but this is where you can “get link”

OR you can grab the link from your browser when you’re in iTunes and share that to your Facebook timeline too. Let someone know you’re listening and why you enjoy it. Psst, you can just share this post with friends too!

Like AARP is creating possibility for better aging for you by listening to members, the Flipping 50 podcast content comes from listening to you.

At Flipping 50 I’m about creating possibilities in your second half. By creating better health, and a stronger physical body, you create a stronger sense of self and a vehicle for your gifts shine. Flipping 50 does that by:

Forming programs & services that are accessible

  • Books available on our site and Amazon
  • Exercise-video programs
  • All-inclusive fitness-nutrition-lifestyle programs with live coaching, for weight loss, or DIY
  • An exclusive virtual gym and Flipping 50 member university

Serving as an advocate in the Fitness Industry

  • Subject Matter Expert for the American Council on Exercise
  • International presenter for IDEA, NSCA, ICAA, ABC, Can-Fit-Pro
  • Prior committee member for IDEA awards, NSCA personal training conference
  • Member of the Medfit Network
  • Contributor for IDEA, NSCA, Sharecare, Huffpost, PTonthenet
  • Expert for Prevention, USA Today, AARP, and others

Serving as an advocate in the marketplacetailoring quality products and services for women over 50 to live their lives to the fullest.

  • Consultant and brand influencer for products that serve you
  • Reviewer for select products that I use and love and offer value

Affordability & Value we put into Flipping 50 products.

Flipping 50 programs and products are not the least expensive: they offer recognizable value at competitive prices. There is something available for all budgets.

Quality with every book, program, webinar, Flipping 50 podcast episode, blog, custom coaching recommendation.

Everything we do is based on sound research featuring women in midlife and beyond, and 34 years of experience, surveys and polls from our ever growing community.

AARP is a recognized leader. Flipping 50 is partnering with other recognized leaders also engaged in making aging healthier, happier, and full of possibilities. I’m grateful for making this best podcasts after 50 list and the opportunity it provides for inspiring others to a second half of life they love!

Want to join our community?

You can join our subscribers for research announcements, recipes, and special offers we only share via email. Click here

You can go to iTunes and subscribe, leave a rating, and share with a friend to create your own community talking about possibilities. Click here (or follow the links above for the specific action you want to take).

You can join me on social media too. Choose the network(s) you use:

Love Instagram?

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Love Facebook?

Are you in business? Connect on LinkedIn!

Did you know? If you have a women’s organization, a corporation, and you have events where the topics of energy, productivity, focus, balance and becoming your best to make the best decisions for work, family and life are of interest? I have been speaking to audiences for 25 years. Let’s connect.

best podcast after 50 Visit the Flipping 50 podcast page here at when you’re listening to any episode for the show notes that include links to resources mentioned in the show or to use special show offers and connect with guests.

Now, will you help me create content? What would you like to hear more of when you listen? Is there a guest you’d love me to interview? Do you have a story to share that will uplift our community? Do you know someone who does? Comment below with your ideas!

What other podcasts do you love to listen to? What else is on your best podcasts after 50 list? I’d love to know!

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