The Best Health Book I’ve Read


Dr Nandi's Health Hero book

This is a rare post but I have shared book lists before. I couldn’t wait to share this single title. If we look for something here at Flipping 50, it’s sane, safe, and simple exercise along with the lifestyle habits that go with it. I think you have to have purpose, a bigger mission, and “why” that is your underlying reason for taking those actions consistently. This book is the core of changes. While you might want and need details after, you have to have this core structure before any of it sticks. 

A few days ago I finished reading – what I believe is – the most important health book ever written. In the near future, this book will probably become a best-selling blockbuster. Don’t be surprised if you see it at the top of the New York Times best-seller list in the weeks to come – fetching a hefty price.

Right now, as you read this post, you can’t get a copy of the book at any price. It’s not available online. It’s not available in bookstores. It’s not available anywhere.  

But I know how you can get a hard copy for free today.  

Before I tell you how, let me first tell you a little bit about the amazing doctor who wrote this book. His name is Dr. Partha Nandi – who also happens to be a good friend of mine. (Are you listening to Flipping 50? I released a Special Edition Saturday of my interview with Partha).

Dr. Nandi has been practicing medicine in the Detroit, Michigan area for the past twenty years. More than 95 million people tune in each week to his Emmy Award-winning medical lifestyle show Ask Dr. Nandi. He is one of the most respected and renowned gastroenterologists in the world.

By using modern medical techniques, he has helped patients improve their health. But he noticed a big problem. I’m sure you’ve noticed it too.

Modern medicine has its limitations. Some of his patients were not improving despite the best medicine has to offer. So Dr. Nandi did something most doctors would never do.

He decided to explore natural remedies. You see, Dr. Nandi is a very open-minded and compassionate health advocate – and not just a doctor.

To his surprise, he discovered five simple steps anyone can take to overcome and prevent disease. Then he went a step further and tested his findings with patients.

He was shocked to see that the 5-step natural approach he pioneered helped his patients – the same ones who were not responding to conventional medicine – conquer weight gain, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, diabetes, heart disease and other diseases.

In his new book, Ask Dr. Nandi: 5 Steps to Becoming Your Own #HealthHero for Longevity, Well-Being, and a Joyful Life, he explains exactly how to apply these steps in your life.

After reading the book, I’m certain anyone who applies Dr. Nandi’s simple plan can expect a level of health, happiness and well-being they never imagined possible.

You can grab a Free Hard Copy today while supplies last. Hurry, this post will be up but the promotion will be over! 

The reason Dr. Nandi is giving away a limited number of copies is simple. He’s on a mission to spread his #HealthHero movement. To help people understand how they can champion their own well-being by using natural health alternatives that are proven to work.

He has been using this 5-step plan for almost two decades now with thousands of patients. For many, Dr. Nandi’s 5 step plan to total health was the only alternative  when conventional treatments failed to work.

For others, these 5 steps were literally a lifesaver.

What shocked me most when I read the book was this…

Here’s a practicing medical doctor showing the world how to achieve complete health and well-being… without… doctors, drugs or surgery!

As far as I’m concerned, this is the only health book you’ll ever need.

The plan in the book is simple. Anyone can do it. And it can change your life like nothing you’ve tried before. If you’re serious about improving your health – and preventing disease – you can get a Free Hard Copy of the book today.

I wouldn’t drag my heels on this if I were you, though.

Dr. Nandi is releasing his book to the world in a few weeks – and his publisher, the famous Simon & Schuster company, requires a price tag of $26 per copy.

So claim a free copy today before it’s too late.

P.S. Dr. Nandi could have kept this vital information to himself and his patients. Instead, he’s sharing it with you today… for free. I think that tells you the type of person he is. The only question left is – Are you going to get a Free Copy of his new book before the limited supplies run out?

Dr Nandi's Health Hero book

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