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And the award for Best Fitness Video on YouTube (subscribe) this year goes too…. [imagine red dress, high heels, or on second thought, my favorite Asics Kayanos, and Athleta, Prana, and Lululemon pieces pulled together supported by a bra top from Skirt Sports and a jacket from Title Nine- just a few of my favorite things]…

Here’s a little support if you want to use this best fitness video for yourself.

  1. No, you can’t do strength training every day. It’s the rest when your muscles start getting pretty. If you feel like strength training every day (for the same body part), you’re probably not reaching the fatigue that’s necessary to get results.
  2. Full body weight training is better for metabolism boosting if you’re busy. It beats alternating body parts on different days. Unless you have hours to do multiple sets of exercise and want to be tied to workouts daily because your goal is more looks, maybe a fitness competition, instead of living life outside the gym (and no judgement here, this is just not your page!), don’t beat yourself up for doing 10-20 minutes two or three times a week!! It’s BEST! (busy can be a benefit)
  3. For toning those upper arms, and front of arms that you may have started to see cottage cheese on, you need to focus on diet too. It’s a team effort. You want to eliminate the junk carbs, not all carbs. If you exercise regularly, and modify your diet to eat more more more of the good stuff, not less (sumo wrestlers eat once a day so that their bodies store fat and they gain weight…why would you want to do that?) you’ll start to pretty up those muscles in a few weeks.
  4. Don’t ignore your big muscles. If you dive in and only exercise arms, you’ll be disappointed. Your big movers and shakers best fitness video change metabolism. You don’t see many overweight women with great arms. The great arms in fact might come from doing other exercises.
  5. Add cardio that’s arm-specific. Boxing and swimming are excellent arm toners!

And for next year planning I’d like to hear from you!

What videos would get your vote for Best Fitness Video? Which topics most appeal to you?

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