Not Your Mother’s Menopause | A Better Post Menopause

Do you hope for a better post menopause than you see most women have?

Do you want a better post menopause than your mother or grandmother?

Maybe they’ve never even talked about it!

So how do you create your own best mental, physical, and emotional journey into menopause and beyond?

Maybe you were lucky and have an amazing role model in your family or inner circle.

Make Menopause Your Experience

Maybe you crave something different and yet haven’t allowed yourself to believe it’s possible yet. You might be thinking this is for someone else not for me. It’s for someone with more money, a husband who’s a big breadwinner, someone who’s single with no kids, someone who’s already naturally thin or more popular or who has butlers and maids and a live-in massage therapist and stylist, and who’s stylist comes over instead of having to go to them…

In other words you’ve decided that it’s for someone else but not for you.

I beg to differ.

I also think in minutes you can change that feeling and expand your possibilities.

Where Are You In Your Menopause Journey

In this episode I want to address “all the things” we snicker at, eye-roll at, lament over wine, joke with our friends about, are sensitive to partner’s jokes about…

And I want to let you know if you really are “HERE” and you want to be “THERE” I have an invitation for you. If you want to shake those limiting beliefs and you want to be uplifted, see and feel like a best version of you… and aren’t sure where to begin…

You’re Invited

I am speaking at the end of the month, Friday February 28th to be precise. It’s day 1 of a 3-day event in San Diego. As a speaker I’ve been given 10 complimentary tickets which aren’t all available any more, by the way. This is the 4th day I’ve shared the link to register with Flipping 50 community members. You know how we do things in pairs, right? So women who wanted a ticket wanted two… for a friend or colleague or sister.

That said there are a few left. The tickets resale for $600 and they’ve sold out in prior years. This is the 5th year. It’s not your run of the mill event. Women return to this event, they bring their friends because it’s been life-changing for them.

The link to what may be left of my complimentary guest tickets is right here. 

Register (there’s a deposit to hold your spot and it’s refunded when you check in). Then email [email protected] so that we have you on a special list.

You’re getting an extra Know Your Worth program from Kerry, the host and I’m reaching out to our community members personally to have dinner Sunday night, or private time during a break – somehow I want this to be a pivotal event for you.

The Details

It’s The Believe Event hosted by my friend Kerry Tepedino. She is a master at emotional mastery and removing obstacles. It’s an event you can bring your mom, daughter or sister to – share it.

So let’s dive in. If you feel any resistance to anything that I’m about to say, know this: that resistance comes up because we feel something true about it. And resistance comes up because you’re about to change or want to. It’s NORMAL. Don’t let it stop you! Let it be a reason why you know you’re on the right path!

Weight gain is not a given after menopause.

I caution you when you’re reading menopause sites that you’ll read about “typical signs of menopause.”  Do NOT assume you have to get them. What you’re reading is that this is COMMON, not that it is normal or has to happen.

If you put that in your brain your brain will attempt to make it true.

Yes, hot flashes and night sweats are signs hormones have changed.

They’re not permanent. And if you reduce hot liquids or exposure to hot environments you may reduce them. If you exercise correctly… not just any exercise you may prevent them or reduce occurrence and intensity of them if you’ve begin them.

Yes, weight gain and belly fat are signs hormones have changed.

Change your exercise, change your nutrition and you’ll get different results. Exercise less, just better. Eat more of the right foods at the right time. Kick dieting to the curb and walk through a blueprint of how to find your best nutrition now.

Kick ageism to the curb, too.

We do it to ourselves. As much as we hate the way we’re represented in 80% of the advertising targeting us, we are also guilty of saying “it’s hell to get old” or “I’m so old” or “I wish I could still do that”  -as if you can’t do most things you want to do “at a certain age.” We read articles that say “how to dress after 50” or “best haircuts after 50.” Seriously? I run from those. I am going to dress the way I want to dress and I want a haircut for my hair and my face and nothing else. Right?

The more you click on those articles and tips the more you’re going to see. And the more that are going to be created.

What Do You Believe?

You’ve got to believe these things happen not that they HAVE to happen. You’ve got to believe that your habits and actions daily create the outcome you have not the genetics or history of women before you or even around you.

If you’re soft and fluffy and don’t love it, there are foods you’re eating, exercise you’re doing or not doing, and habits you’re doing every day that have created that body.

Just as you created it, you can recreate it.

If you’re frequently bloated, gassy, or constipated core exercise and fasting (at least alone) won’t help that. I know what will. Re-negotiating your personal healthy foods and exercise will. Everything you do changes your hormones. You can change anything and change everything.

Make small changes OR big

Small things. The ones you’re doing now and the ones you’re not doing create the menopause you have. You can change it in a fairly short amount of time. You just need to identify the things you couldn’t have possibly known before science did. We do now. You’ve been busy.

No one can predict the things we don’t know. When you go into a new decade, a new hormone phase: your unique journey means you don’t need a one-size-fits-all. A blueprint will serve you best.

There are clues we can collect together about what’s happening for you. It takes getting out of your current pattern and I can help you with that. Take one small thing today that you always do.

And consider if it always helps you or it’s just something you’ve grown comfortable doing.

Make Changes

Rearrange the furniture in your room. Drive to work a different route. Shop at a different grocery store this week. Don’t go to lunch, go for a walk and then eat at your desk. Don’t go right home after work. Go for a walk. Sit somewhere beautiful and journal for 15 minutes. If it’s icy and cold go to the botanical center. If it’s warm find a trail.

Notice things around you. Three things that you take for granted every day. While on your drive, while on your walk, while in your kitchen.

These small things, though not exercise or nutrition or sleep or stress-related, will start the changes you mentally want to shift to change other things.

And… they’re easier than giving up cream or coffee. Let’s face it! Big doors swing on small hinges.

Let’s open yours. The door to a better post menopause is right in front of you.

Why Didn’t Someone Tell You?

No one told you when you were young about menopause because most likely it was just her journey and she didn’t process it with anyone else either. Your mom, sister, mentor didn’t think of sharing because she didn’t feel like an expert in it. She didn’t have musicals about it to attend or blogs or podcasts dedicated to it. She didn’t have OBGYNs who specialized it in exclusively.

You do.

You have fitness professionals and health coaches who do. Who can help you navigate the what to do and when and why to do it, and collect the tests you want and why you want them and what you’ll learn from them and which options you’ll have after you get them.

It’s not your mother’s menopause. You’re heading for a better post menopause.

The bottom line on how well you do through menopause is how much you believe it can be easy, healthy, and optimized.

You’ve got to believe it before you see it.

Be sure to get to the show notes today to check out the last of the complimentary tickets for the Believe event. And let’s connect when you’re there. I’m making it a point to connect to each of you who attend personally.

If you have a question about what’s normal vs. optimal during menopause leave me a question or comment at the show notes at

How Can I Help?

That’s where you’ll find the entire transcript for today’s podcast each time I release an episode. And I’d love to hear one other thing from you …what are you most curious about? What would YOU love to hear more about on the Flipping 50 podcast?

Thanks for sharing today’s episode with a friend.

Get your ticket. Book your flight or drive, hotel or Airnb and meet me in San Diego!

Then email [email protected] and make sure you’re on the special list for getting some extra pre-program love!

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