Being Healthy Enough to Beat Breast Cancer: A Trainer’s Story

My guest today beat breast cancer and wants to share – just 7 weeks after surgery – her story. We record this at the end of March and after appointments in December revealed a problem, her life changed. 

We have a real and raw discussion about life, boobs, healing and emotions on this journey. Whether you’re there, were there, you know someone who is, or wonder what it would be like, this is for every woman. 

In the show notes today I’ll add resources for you and you’ll find ways to connect to Amy VanLiew. 

Let me introduce you, but first…

My Guest Beat Breast Cancer: 

Amy Van Liew helps women over 50 get moving through online workouts designed for just what we need – strength, low impact cardio, Pilates, balance, posture and more. When her clients experience aches and pains associated with the way they’re aging, Amy focuses on getting them moving again. 

What differentiates Amy’s workouts from traditional workouts (that she says are often geared toward people in their 30s) is that hers will leave clients feeling good, not beat up. That way, they can “be healthy…enough” to do all the things they love to do in life!

In This My Breast Cancer Story Episode:

  • You’ve recently gone through a Breast cancer diagnosis and you’re here to share that. Your reaction was likely one of disbelief, given you’re so healthy? 
  • What have you learned that has helped you get through this?
  • What would you like other women to take away from your experience?
  • I noticed that in your notes about our discussion here you referred to it as your journey a couple times, and you’re not alone. It’s often referenced as a breast cancer journey, Why do you think that is, that this word is so commonly used? 

Beat breast cancer before you have it with strength, endurance and diet changes. Test regularly. 

Connect with Amy:

Amy on Social:



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