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Do you sit at a desk or computer all day? Do you have chronic tension in your upper back and or your neck? In this episode of Flipping 50 TV (coming soon to Youtube and right here to the blog!), I tackle upper back and neck pain. 

Today’s Muscles in Minutes segment is no sweat. Really. Get more comfortable and then more movement will be a natural. It’s a three-step process.

Muscles in Minutes

Step 1: Release

Step 2: Restore

Step 3: Re-strengthen

Little known fact: Walking, jogging, or equipment-based cardio can make matters worse if you hold yourself tightly. You may not know you’re doing it.

Walk this Way: Be aware of your form. Watch the tips for swinging your arms and moving your upper body when you walk.

Check in with your posture every 5 minutes or every few blocks of your walk. Use the end of a song or a certain corner as a cue.

Minute Made Meals

Eating too little slows your metabolism. Everything you eat sends a message to your body. Everything you don’t eat also does. You’re either telling it to speed up or slow down. If you eat less your body will burn less.

If you’ve fallen into the trap of just grabbing a coffee, then not having much for lunch, and getting by with a salad or skipping dinner at night, your body is stressed and needs to recover from what feels like a diet even if that isn’t your intention.

Beyond Coffee: Start with a real breakfast

  • Greens – 1-3 cups
  • Protein – 25 to 35 grams
  • Fiber – chia seeds, ground flax seed, hemp hearts
  • Fruit- berries
  • Fat – coconut milk, nut butter, avocado
  • A smoothie is a fast and convenient way to do this and to introduce breakfast back into your life.

Build a smoothie in minutes (or seconds with the NutriBullet Pro: take $20 off special for our Flipping 50 TV community)… if smoothie isn’t your jam, put these contents into your morning on a plate instead.

Lunch with Variety

Whether you’re used to soup, or a salad, vary the protein (make sure it’s in there!), the veggies and add potatoes or gluten-free rice, beans, or quinoa cooked with some heathy fat or topped with an avocado.

Eat Dinner

It’s fine to keep it light and start with soup powered by veggies. Or build a simple bowl of veggies, rice and protein. Spice it up for endless variety.

Without enough of the right fuel you increase your stress and decrease your energy level.

Ironically, whether you’re underweight or overweight, or simply overtired, reducing physical stress is often the first step toward feeling better. If you’re underweight and overstressed, start by getting more sleep and releasing the tension. When you feel better, you’ll want to move more!

The Key Flip of the Day

Stress accumulates from all areas of your life. Instead of putting a band-aid on one area, go right for the root cause of your stress.

For the rest of the Flipping 50 conversation get the insider news I only share in emails. Remember, it’s not 5-0, it’s the entire second half… whether you’re on your way and want to make it a great ride when you get there or you’ve turned the corner.

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