What is Balanced Eating in Menopause | Examples of Good Workouts? Q and A

This listener question comes from a new listener and asks about balanced eating in menopause, and examples of good workouts if you don’t have weight to lose. She cleverly packed a lot of questions into her “ask.”  I answer the majority of them here. I hope you find it helpful to listen to this … and get a little more information in the resources for this episode too.

I just recently found your podcast by doing a search on menopause – I’m loving it! Since I’ve only listened to a few you may have already discussed this, but here are some thoughts – balanced eating [in menopause] – I’ve listened to one about intermittent fasting (which I’ve been doing for a while), and heard you mention in another one the importance of protein.

I’d love more on the importance of healthy fats and how much. I too am a product of the 80’s “no fat, low fat” era- I do incorporate healthy fats but really unsure of how much. What is the real good balance of protein, fat, and carbs??

Another thing I’m interested in is fitness ideas and examples of good workouts if you don’t have weight to lose but want to build strength. Thank you!! – Lauren 

Questions in this Q and A episode:

  • What is balanced eating in menopause?
  • How much healthy fat is healthy?
  • What are examples of good workouts for gaining strength, not necessarily losing weight?

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