Back Pain Got You Down?


Even when you’re in good shape back pain can find you. Our contemporary work and leisure lives include so much sitting and sedentary activity. You may exercise regularly in order to get stronger and still find that the most unusual things can cause a sudden twinge or a chronic issue.

At least 80% of U.S. adults suffer from back pain; you’re not alone. Unfortunately, 88% of those people who suffer, say it recurs throughout the year.

Chances are if back pain finds you regularly you’ve tried more than one approach to find relief. There are so many options it can be mind-boggling to consider them, especially at a time when you are in pain and willing to do anything for relief. I know because this was me. I was in good shape and am again today, but an injury took me months to recover from acute pain and trauma to my lower back in my mid twenties. For the last 28 years I’ve had to listen carefully to keep myself fit in the specific ways that keep me both strong, flexible and able to do all the things I love to do.

I nearly had to give up a graduate assistantship because I was worried I’d not be able to handle the physical activity required to teach six hours of group exercise a week, not to mention the up and down activity to help assess and test our clinic participants. My entire career plans were threatened. What was a really scary, painful, and slow process for me though ended up being one of the best ways to teach me how to relate to my clients. I’ve continued to study back pain, prevention, and best practices to make my weakness a strength for helping others for over 32 years.

When my pain was at it’s highest level I tried muscle relaxers, stretching, chiropractors, massage, all kinds of exercise, no exercise, and I’ve known clients over the last 30 years who have tried many more techniques. Sorting through what works, when each back pain problem is different, is hard. That’s why I created a course.

I encourage you to try Prevent Back Pain with Five Steps. 

It’s hosted on and when you click the link above you’ll go there. You’ll create an account and may see dozens of other courses there  you’d enjoy. Don’t get distracted! There is a no-risk money back guarantee – and I’ve used that myself for courses so I can tell you indeed it is hassle-free. You have lifetime access to the courses, the ability to download sessions so that you can take them with you traveling or to the office.

I shared with my subscribers on Sunday a coupon code: HalfOff . There are a limited number available and you may still be able to take advantage if you hurry.

If you have back pain issues, please consult with a physician before starting this or any exercise program. Though this has been developed based on research, years of working on a referral basis with physical therapists and orthopedic doctors, each and every instance of back pain is unique. No exercise recommendation is a substitute for medical advice.

I would love to hear your comments about your personal experience with back pain. Have you been lucky or have you experienced back pain? What triggered it?

I look forward to hearing from you,




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