Flipping 50 Spring 2022 Women’s Retreat Arizona

You're Invited: Flipping 50's 2022 Women's Retreat in Arizona

Women in midlife are the most powerful health influencers in the world.”

For women, one of the hardest things is often making time for self. 

Then when it’s time, you may not know what to do. Or what you’re doing may no longer work.

I’ll help find what does. You’ll identify how hormones influence exercise and exercise influences hormones. 

You’ll identify the best place to start or how to tweak your current program based on what you’re experiencing right now, for optimal energy, muscle, sleep and longevity. 

I’ll share science-based strategies for gaining and keeping muscle and maintaining and boosting bone health now … to sustain you through decades to come. 

And.. we’ll have fun doing it! Attend this women’s retreat!


Weekend Plans:

Hiking – 3 beautiful hikes, your pace, with a “no woman left behind” policy. *You do want to be able to walk 6 miles. (Training included)

Dining – enjoy a lite weekend of healthy, flavorful meals all respectful of food sensitivities and flavor preferences

Hormones & Exercise Session: Selection for your Optimal Health based on the moment you’re in

Core Workshop: If Sit-Ups are stupid and Crunches are dumb, how to train your core in less time with better results. 

1-on-1 time with Debra – focused on you, your goals, your needs, what’s working now and what’s not – go home with a plan

A professional photo shoot. We’ll dive into how to have confidence on or off camera. Go home with an image you love. 

Ready for Some Girl Time, Fresh Air, and "Good Tired" Sleeps?

It’s been two years since the pandemic began. How about we celebrate with a “she-treat”? This one happens in Scottsdale March 17-20. This women’s retreat blends movement, learning, reflection, outdoors, and routine-busting.

[Fitness pro? I’ve got an extra half day planned for you for business building 9-12 Monday. Please reach out for details on how to qualify if that’s you.]

Before you arrive it’s time for training so you enjoy, rather than endure, the scenic hikes. Your retreat training plan begins as soon as you register. The rough schedule and details about your host are listed below. (subject to minor changes)


Dates March 17-20th

THURS eve – SUN Noon (unless you choose to linger) 

Thursday, March 17th 

  • Arrive by evening for a kickoff 5-7 (early to bed for an early hike) 
  • This is at a pre-arranged fun spot including some entertainment, hors devours, and dinner on-your-own. Meet your hiking  & hormone partners for the next 3 days.
  • Location TBA (surprises are good!)

Friday, March 18th

  • A morning hike (3 hours on trails – always an out and back option for shorter and more breaks)
  • Special photo shoot – if you’ve ever wanted to have a photo of you that you love/not hate this is it: you’ll have an edited image from our shoot and the option to purchase something more if you want it – but this is not a sales pitch, it’s about thinking about you and loving what you see right now)
  • One-on-one session with Debra throughout the afternoon 
  • Hormones & Exercise workshop and Core session (exercise technique)
  • Girls who cook – cooking in my home – all hands on deck! We’ll bring in the Flipping 50-approved meal together. (food sensitivity-free)

Saturday, March 19th

  • A challenging hike preceded & followed by functional moves to balance common imbalances.
  • Some “white space” for intentions, goal setting.
  • Dance lessons (yep, you heard right), 
  • Optional people watching, shopping in the Scottsdale Quarter (and just maybe a scavenger hunt)
  • Dine out with a Flipping 50-approved meal (and discussion of navigating menus and choosing “exercise nutrition”)

Sunday, March 20th

  • An appropriate day 3 hike (I didn’t say easy, but they’re all adaptable to your speed and pace)
  • Group stretching and breathwork to wrap and depart.
  • Ends by 12:30 (no lunch provided) for those planning to depart on Sunday, or…

Optional: Sunday afternoon stay to enjoy poolside/spa R & R at one of the many Scottsdale resorts with me casually


I’m Debra Atkinson, Flipping 50 founder and I’m hosting this 5th Flipping 50 retreat. 

It’s a dual-opportunity for women in midlife to come together [and for trainers and health coaches to attend, enjoy, and stay for a 3 hour workshop Monday for support with business building in pandemic times]. 

The goal is simple. You’ll be out of your routine and potentially away from your home environment (though local? you’re welcome, too). 

That actually makes it easier to make behavior changes and consider what you love and what you’d love to change. Sometimes the shift of perspective a new schedule and a new location provide supports a mental shift too. 

Whether you want to come for the physical challenge, the exercise coaching in the group and one on one, or you want to bust out of routine and be surrounded by women like you, if you’re a woman in midlife ready for a little girl-time this is for you.

It will be a blend of getting dirty and dusty on trails with feeling like a rock star in your own camera shoot, and possibly pampered if you stay with me Sunday afternoon. 

It’s time to change our expectations about aging, midlife, and menopause. 

Why Debra? 

For 38 years I’ve worked with women in midlife and 8 years ago I quit safety & security, the TIAA Cref fund and all the rest to reach more people. I didn’t know the midlife crisis would turn into a discovery that less than 10% of exercise research features women in menopause. 

I didn’t know that as a Senior Lecturer in Kinesiology for 15 years, I’d learned it all wrong and I’d been teaching it wrong. 

We in the fitness industry have been advising women in midlife (with a greater tendency toward fat storage) based on research about young athletic men (at the peak of muscle mass). 

No wonder midlife women are getting tired, gaining weight, and stressing adrenals by following “exercise guidelines.”

As a bestselling author, International fitness presenter, TEDx speaker, and creator of the Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialist, I know you can have the energy and vitality you want, need, and deserve. Ready to start?

Flipping 50 Women's Retreat

What’s Next? 

The Rate: regularly $1750

Early Bird: $1150 (ends next week)

Retreat Spots have been filled! Email [email protected] to be added to our waitlist for future Flipping50 retreats

Fitness or Health Coach/Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialist? (Email [email protected] asap about a pro spot and rate) 

Once you’re registered I’ll send you details to begin training and support for selecting lodging that’s convenient. In early March, I’ll share the “what to bring” and answer all your questions before you know to ask!


In These Times:

I will ask you to show proof you are vaccinated for other’s protection. I’ll also have you sign a waiver regarding exercise at your own risk and include the pandemic wrinkle we all have to consider. 


What’s Not Included: 

Travel & Lodging. Breakfasts. Lunch Sat (trail snacks yes). And if you personally need something beyond lite lunch on Friday plan for that.

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