How to Get Healthy At-Home Exercise & Coaching

Healthy at-home exercise is a must-have for anyone today. Even if you belong and love your gym, having an option for those days when you can’t make it is paramount for consistency. There will be those days you’re stuck with too little time to commute there and back, or you’re caregiving, or waiting for “cable guy,” or stranded in a blizzard.

This post is quite unique. I’m introducing the Flipping 50 Membership 2.0. The “Café” as we call it, the place to stop in and fill your cup with a community of women on the same journey is 3 and a half. It’s the first and only membership designed for you in perimenopause, menopause, and beyond. It’s a virtual gym and your source for virtual coaching, education, exercise nutrition, and more.

The Café is perfect if you’re looking for “what’s next” after a Flipping 50 program and want continued support, motivation, and more workout challenges you can choose anytime, anywhere… with like-minded women who want the hormone-balancing fitness difference.

Enrollment is open right now… and closing soon. This is new. We’ve decided to bring in a group of new members only limited times of year to really take you on a journey together.

Just added bonus…Complimentary Private Session with Debra to kick off your membership ($300 value)

First & Only Hormone Balancing Fitness Membership

It is designed with you in mind. It is based on research featuring women in perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause. It’s about getting stronger, inside and outside. I work with you on mindset and shifting what you were taught and learned decades ago about diets and exercise that simply, does not work. Why?

First, because your hormones now need something very different than they once did (and psst…. It’s less not more). Second, science has advanced tremendously in 35 years I’ve been involved in the fitness industry. Yet, you’ve been busy right? And there’s an “infobesity” of content coming at you. It’s hard to filter was is BS and what is really in your best interest.

Look, I get it.

That’s why I want you to stick with me for a year. This isn’t a quick fix. Not if it took 50 years of habits to get you here. But you will feel and see results quickly AND continue to see them as you stick with me. You want and need to know not just what but why. That keeps you motivated. I teach you how to connect the dots between the actions and plans I lay out and the results and benefits you get. That helps eliminate “motivation” and “willpower” and enhances commitment.

It’s Not Motivation

I don’t believe any of us lack discipline. I don’t believe that’s why you’re not getting results, or right where you want to be. I believe there’s a combination of missing science, misunderstanding what your body is telling you, and a need to know exactly what to do. So, you need a trusted source.

If you are willing to make changes – and hey, we’re all busy. That one just doesn’t work. You’re not too busy for disease. You can’t be too busy for exercise and lifestyle habits that make it work. We all have a story. But just because you’re crazy making, don’t expect me to get in there with you. If you can’t exercise for a time, you dial in that nutrition, sleep, and daily habits. If you can exercise for a shorter than you want to time? Then we just need to nail what is that most effective use of those 10 minutes. I look for answers, not problems.  Still with me?

Then here are the details.[or if you’re already thinking, “yes,” you had me at hormone balancing fitness – click here!]

Your Membership Includes:

  • Access to the private Facebook Group where you have 24/7 support and access for your questions, check-ins, and progress with Debra, team Flipping 50 support, and other Flipping 50 members. You’ll find at-home exercise options including intervals, strength, yoga, and core right in the Facebook group in addition to the unique member’s only website videos.
  • Access to a library of monthly challenges On Demand where there are over 36 months of challenges full of at-home exercise to choose from including core, hips & glutes, arms, intervals, walking/running challenges, nutrition- focused challenges, detox, sleep, yoga, stress, and a new one each month. Many of the challenges include a monthly calendar or daily checklist to eliminate the guesswork and proved a sense of accomplishment with every step. Use these alone or with Flipping 50 Premium Programs (28 Day Kickstart, The After 50 Fitness Formula, Fit-U, and STRONGER)
  • Access to select Flipping 50 program videos On Demand where you have the full video set (12) one of my premium programs, STRONGER I, in addition to select Whole Flip(4), and Knee-Friendly(3) videos, plus a How-To for technique tips that will help you get the most of every strength move you do and provide modifications if something isn’t working.

There’s More…

  • Access to exclusive lessons focused on exactly what you need–this is new and exiting! Since the library is vast (and you have access to everything ala carte whenever you want it) I’ve organized short courses of content for weight loss, joint care, how to start exercise/eating for reset, strength training, and 3 other categories. You can choose and focus on what you need right now so you can stay on track. You can pick a new course after that. The lessons are continually updated with recent research-based content.
  • Access to 36+ months of Flipping 50 recipes created for hormone balance, gut health, muscle loss prevention, avoiding food sensitivities and focused on flavor, ease, and high micronutrient density. It’s all good-for-you food that tastes good you can access any time. We’re organizing into categories so you can find what you need when you need it. Wonder what to eat before exercise or after? Got you covered.
  • Access to exclusive monthly Members Only Master class and Q & A– Every month there is a live master class you can attend presentations on topics (hot flashes & exercise, exercise with foot injuries, post exercise nutrition, etc) I share in keynotes and fitness conferences internationally. Plus, you get to AMA/Ask Me Anything after the presentation. You’ll always have the recording in the Café if you aren’t able to attend. Cutting edge research-based topics will often go into the specialty lessons along with challenges and recipes so you can take action understanding why and how it helps.


  • Access to Ask Me Anything live Facebook discussions on topics as you progress through challenges and courses to check in live and get plenty of coaching support. Actually, get real time answers from me even without private coaching.


  • Access to exclusive Members Only interviews featuring experts in emotional eating, pain management, psychology of self-sabotage & motivation, happiness & weight loss, and more so that you can flip 50 with confidence you’re in the right place doing the right thing for now and later (because later is coming sooner than ever!)

BONUS Exclusives

  • 25% off coupon for one Flipping 50 protein product each month – it’s discount never offered anywhere else. You can add other items to your order and save on your shipping.
  • 50% off participation in the 28-Day Kickstart– and other select Flipping 50 programs not already discounted. From time to time you’ll get an exclusive invite and code to join as a reminder to keep you motivated and on track.
  • Free participation in a 28-Day Kickstart after your annual Café renewal
  • Renewal rates locked in at your annual entry rate – even if rates go up I want to reward you for being an early founding member.

So now is the time! You get Flipping 50 Membership 2.0 with over $800 of programs, you’ll save up to $200 off protein products, and get the ultimate… looking good and feeling great. This program for instance, STRONGER 3 is only available inside the Cafe!

We close doors Tuesday July 16, 11:59pm then close the doors for months.

Open Enrollment is limited going forward to two times a year. Enrollment is open in July and January of each year. So when enrollment closes, only students who’ve recently finished a Premium Program have a one-time opportunity to join until the next enrollment period.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve recently completed a Flipping 50 program and want the next step.
  • You’ve coached privately with Debra and want to stay connected.
  • You are a woman in perimenopause, menopause, or post menopause with an interest in looking good and feeling great now and aging better than we’ve seen before.
  • You want current science, research-based movement made for you.
  • You want the intel on the best products, best nutrition, best lifestyle habits that boost fitness after 50 and natural hormone balance.
  • You want to love your life and your body and feel amazing doing activities you love with people you love.
  • Strong & confident is more important to you than skinny. (though when optimal weight & fat comes with it… bonus!)
  • You want an organized, science-based answers quickly without wasting time.

This isn’t for you if:

  • You just want exercise with tons of variety and props to entertain you that hasn’t been tested using female subjects like you.
  • You love the videos of women in short shorts and jog bras
  • You want body building or figure competition workouts
  • You want specific one-on-one coaching and custom programming (during coaching the Café is a bonus for VIP clients)
  • You have a specific training event of need you need custom exercise plans for (private coaching is better for you)
  • Random videos on YouTube work for you

Ready? Join Now


Q: Can I join if I haven’t done a program or coaching with Debra yet?

A: Yes, during this enrollment period we welcome you. I will suggest you turn right around and join a Premium Program asap, however (perhaps with your new member’s discount on regularly priced programs!).


Q: What’s the refund policy?

A: See below for additional details. Once you’re in the Café and have access to all of our intellectual property we don’t refund. You can at any time cancel the renewal for your annual subscription by sending an email [email protected].


Q: Do you do a payment plan?

A: There currently is not. Please reach out to [email protected] share your situation.


Q: I’m a vegan/vegetarian does this work for me?

A: Yes! The only area where you will find less content applicable to you is in the recipes section. Many of them will work for you. However, main dishes are skewed to our animal protein members but can be tweaked for the plant-based lifestyle. If you’ve gone through a Premium Program you’ll have the best insight into this being a fit for you.

*Once you have access to the Café membership you have access to all of the intellectual property inside. For that reason we do not refund for the Café once you’ve been sent and opened access. You may cancel your renewal for the following year with notice to [email protected].
The Flipping 50 membership is intended for one user. Shared access to your personal account is prohibited and considered abuse.

Need to see it? Watch the behind the scenes video here I created for our members to see what’s coming with the 2.0 upgrade!

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