Make Small Flips for Big Results: Episode 25

Today’s episode is all about taking what you’re already doing right and amplifying it. Then taking what you’re unintentionally doing to sabotage yourself and eliminating it! The question today comes from Denise who is self-sabotaging her exercise habits with sugar-free snacks at every turn.

Chemicals in sugar-free and fat-free foods are foreign invaders in your body. Anything that confuses your body will slow you metabolism. That’s the reaction when your body is trying to protect you or it gets pounded with stress. Read more about those so-called diet foods and the fat trap they cause here. They can cause the same response in your body as if you ate sugar AND keep you addicted to a sweet taste. That’s a definite need for a flip.

I ask everyone who sends a question to Flipping 50 TV about what they’re doing, what they eat.. how they exercise… their current weight… history… sleep, stress and special condition… so I can put that in my filter and make the best possible solutions.

My at-a-glance suggestions for Denise are these:

  • Flip some of your sugar-free but chemical-laden snacks into things that help you firm, tone, and get to your optimal weight.
  • Make some dinner flips to help move that quality of sleep rating from a 3 closer to a 9 or 10. (Yes! It works both ways: your food choices will improve your sleep and your sleep will increase your food choices – adding up to more energy to move more.)

Denise’s report card:


Exercises regularly –

  • Cardio three times a week
  • Strength training twice a week

Based on this great foundation, I had two suggestions for Denise.


Muscles in Minutes

  1. Make intervals your focus more often. That long slow exercise can age you faster, make you more tired, and increase your cravings. That’s a buzz kill!
  2. Make fatigue a player every day you do strength. Read this so you understand the difference between TIRED and FATIGUE. This is one of the top three mistakes women 50 and over make with their exercise. If you’re one of those women who is exercising but not seeing results… read it!

Minute Made Meals



FLIP your sugar free popsicles into a high protein chocolate smoothie bowl or “nice cream” when you need a snack. When you start bumping protein and fiber, and antioxidants through non-starchy veggies you will have fewer cravings for these treats very soon!

Go get my smoothie bowl (and smoothie) recipes now!

So much better (for you and tasting) than a fake- anything.

The Key Flip of the Day

I’m flipping all over (if I could do cartwheels I would!) with tips for Denise, or for you if you’re making similar mistakes. There are no short cuts. If it sounds too good to be true – sugar free this, fat free that, it probably is. Real food will satisfy you and get you real flipping fit. Make sure what you put in your body it recognizes as food. Make sure you reach fatigue when you exercise whether that’s your muscle failure or its breathlessness.




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