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An online specialty course to expand your knowledgebase, position your expertise and deliver premium services to your clients

As a personal trainer, there are many ways you can support people toward improved well-being and better health. This certificate course helps you accommodate the evolving industry and client needs.

Position yourself for a market ready to invest in answers

Too often clients with hormone imbalance requiring special programming are given a standard exercise prescription. Those clients are seeking support, not finding enough options, and they’re ready to invest in the right answers.
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Become a hormone-balancing expert for your clients

Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist


Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist


Create a revenue stream that will last for decades

Understanding the trends of the current fitness industry as well as the emerging ones and keeping up with the knowledge to serve them is like buying insurance for your business.

It will give you a competitive edge that will feed your business for years to come.

It builds rapport with the clients you currently have.

It provides marketing leverage.

It helps you have increased sustainability and flexibility in your business.

Meet the Trainer: Debra Atkinson, MS, CSCS, a 30-year fitness trainer, wellness coach and speaker

As a fitness professional flipping 50, I know (personally and professionally) that the rules change. For 3 decades I’ve trained clients, and together (WITH them) I’ve learned what works, what doesn’t, and created a formula that you can use with confidence.

There are a lot of questions and variables when you’re working with women in midlife and beyond. Taking a woman with hormone imbalances through a standard exercise prescription just won’t work.

Women are frustrated, not finding answers, and seeking support. They can be looking for you, when YOU are the one who can help them get results.

By knowing how to identify hormone imbalances, and then providing the right type (and timing!) of fitness and lifestyle habits, you can provide better client outcomes. You can often do this by giving the opposite of what standard exercise prescription suggests (you’ll see inside the program). This Flipping 50 Specialty Certificate will help you to create a lucrative business (within a market segment that will continue to grow over the next decade,) while simultaneously restoring energy and vitality to women who need and want it the most!

Debra Atkinson

Become a hormone-balancing specialist for your clients. Be the expert who really knows how to help, develop relationships with clients that last, and keep recurring revenue in your coaching business!

Gain a competitive edge and serve an adapting market by investing in the training to become a specialist for women in their 40s, 50s and 60s.

Enroll in the Specialty Program

Become a hormone-balancing expert for your clients

Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist


Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist



It’s my commitment to make this training an unbelievable, knowledge-increasing life-expanding experience for you and for clients you coach.

You’re a part of theFlipping 50 Certificate, Specialist, or Advanced Specialist Program.

We are giving you access to every

Once you sign the participant agreement and access the online course (determined by when you register and log in, you will no longer be eligible for a refund.

This program is an experience that will change the way you approach health and fitness personally and for your clients.

Debra will be continually updating the materials with relevant and recent study findings, as well as tweaking and adjusting the program and materials to better suit the needs of you and the other participants.

This level of service and growing will allow you to take your coaching business to the next level.

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