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How Does the FlippingFifty affiliate/referral partner work?

After signing up to be part of the program, we give you content that makes it easy for you to promote.

This includes banners and other image content. If you need any custom content created, just let us know.

You will also receive affiliate links which contain a special tracking code.

When your audience clicks on those links and makes a purchase through FlippingFifty, you earn a commission.

How Much Will I earn?

  • On physical item purchases, you will earn up to 20%!
  • On digital item purchases, you will earn up to 40%!

How long does your cookie last

  • 6 Months

Are you based on first or last referrer?

  • We use the first referrer to determine who gets credit.

How do I get started?

Join below!

By applying below, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the affiliate terms and conditions.
Referral Partner Registration

When you sign up to be a referral partner, you'll get promotional materials you can use on your website and in emails that will help you to promote and earn commissions!

Simply fill out this web form we will setup your account!

Part 1 - Contact Information
Part 2 - Where To Send Commissions
By default, we will pay commissions to your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account, we will send you a check (quarterly or annually, depending on your earnings).
Part 3 - Referral Partner Registration

We require your Social Sec #/Tax ID for proper tax documentation

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