Adrenal Fatigue Talk with the Hip Hop Energy Doc, Tricia Pingel

Let’s have the talk, the adrenal fatigue talk. It’s not a new topic but I’ve got a new boss in town to share her story and some solutions. Adrenal fatigue is something many of our community members deal with, or it surfaces while they’re in a program and they haven’t ever stopped to realize that they don’t actually want to continue pushing if they ever want to stop the fatigue.

So, real quick, if you’re tired after exercise, you’re feeling like doing less, you rally to workout but then are cooked the rest of the day… you’re not doing good. Fitness can’t actually happen under duress. We do in fact create stress during exercise, but if it’s controlled and monitored with your signs and symptoms it can be positive. 

You’ll hear my guest echo “exercise less, eat more” philosophy in this episode. And it begins with you. Not following a blind plan but listening in between exercise sessions to the feedback your body suggests to you 

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My Guest: 

Tricia Pingel, Naturopathic Physician and Energy Expert Dr. Tricia Pingel, aka The Hip Hop Energy Doc 

Dr. Pingel has helped hundreds of people restore their health by showing them how to identify the stress causing their symptoms, restoring their nutrition depleted by stress and assisting in changing their mindset to repel incoming stressors so that they can return to their happy, vibrant and energetic selves. She is the author of Total Health Turnaround, which has sold over 60,000 copies.

In addition to being the CEO of Pingel Progressive Medicine, a Naturopathic Concierge Medical Practice, Tricia is a Health Blogger, providing the public with reliable, honest and evidence based information. She also hosts a weekly Live “Ask Dr. Pingel” on Facebook and Instagram, where she answers questions on naturopathic approaches and therapies to common conditions. 

Questions We Answer in This Episode:

  • Tell your story behind the scenes of The Hip Hop Energy Doc and where that title came from

  • What does hip hop or dance in general do for you? 

  • The listeners on this podcast are no strangers to the topic of stress and adrenals but.. We continue to need it… because we ignore it as if we don’t have any other tools in our bag beyond pushing through… and there’s some kind of hidden fear if we give up the getting from one day to the next in the way we’ve always done it that our world will fall apart. 

  • Stress is directly, not indirectly, tied to more than 80 diseases.. Can you Describe how does stress cause all aspects of disease?

  • How can we interpret incoming stress and put ourselves back in control?

  • How you guide people to embrace the moment, listen to their bodies (rather than assign blame to it) and take back control of their health? 

Connect with Tricia:

Tricia’s Book:

Tricia on Social:




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