28 Day Kickstart

28 Day Kickstart 2.0

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You want to trust that a program is focused on all of your person… your bones and joints, your desire for a toned body, your energy levels, your crazy schedule, your hormones changing – all of those things – as well as your sleep, and libido.

You want less information and more answers.

You’ll get all this with my Flipping 50 Kickstart 2.0:

  • Weekly email
  • Weekly live coaching call (and recordings)
  • Weekly exercise plan (with workout videos from your members page or cheat sheets you can download)
  • Stretching, strength, core, walking, even two special protocols recently shown to boost fat loss and increase lean weight for women in menopause, or beyond, and make it possible to lift lighter weight (while getting benefits as if you were lifting heavy)
  • A 28-Day calendar (you can use after the program too)
  • A Pre-program Results Ready recording
  • Pre-program checklist of simple gear, clothing, shoes, weights
  • Private Facebook group

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Get the 28-day kickstart for you and a buddy!

28 Day KickStart (Buddy Pass)

Thanks for your interest! Doors are currently closed. I’m offering the 28 Day Kickstart again in the future.

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Purchase the 28 Day Kickstart for yourself and a friend! For one person, the cost is $97. For 2, it’s just $167.

That’s nearly $30 off what the cost would be if you each purchased individually! Give the gift of a 28 Day Kickstart (for your health and wellness) to a buddy, so you can do this together!

Flipping 50’s 28 Day Kickstart to more energy, more food, less exercise, and habits that give you both fast and forever results.

BEFORE you CLICK, please note:

  • You’ll add your buddy’s details on the page that will load after you purchase.
  • Registering before the last Wednesday of the month 11:59pm MT gets you in for the next session.
    If you register AFTER the last Wed of the month… you’ll be waiting for the next session.
    You’ll get all of your bonus materials but nothing else until the last Thursday of the month
    Review the Refund Policy.

28 Day Kickstarter

The program was really a godsend to get me focused on the right things for this time of life… …INCHES change: 12.5 inches!  So pleased… Weight change:  I don’t have a scale, but biometric screening at work showed a 10 lb weight loss since last year.  I attribute to your program, entirely.

28 Day Kickstarter

I don’t have any cravings. I have to remind myself to eat! I have this crazy amount of energy now…

28 Day Kickstarter

I haven’t even followed everything according to the law but I’ve learned so much, am so much more aware and feel so much better!

28-Day Challenge Landing Page

28-Day Flipping Fifty Challenge Register now! Does it feel like your body is working against you, since turning 50? Are you ready for more energy…better sleep…less bloating…improve skin clarity and smoothness…wearing clothes that accentuate instead of hide your body? If the answer is “Yes”, join the thousands of women over 50 who have lost pounds …

28-Day Challenge Landing Page Read More »

12 Days of Smoothies: Recovery Smoothie

After exercise wait 60 minutes to have this smoothie and your body will synthesize the protein better for optimal recovery. When that’s not possible? Don’t stress over it, even doing the right thing 80% of the time will help. Every single ingredient in this recovery smoothie offers anti-oxidants, anti-inflammation, toxin-removing properties that support your goals while satisfying your “I deserve this” deliciousness thoughts at the same time.

12 Days of Smoothies: Chocolate Bliss

moothies like chocolate bliss can be a game-changer. Many of my group participants are shocked to find out a “liquid breakfast” (not to be confused with liquid lunch!) is satisfying. The trick is fiber and protein combined. Fiber, whether weight loss is your goal, or you’ve got blood sugar issues that take you on a roller coaster ride, or you want to rid yourself of cellulite or get more regular, is so important.

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