6 Rockstars of Women’s Health with a Message

When rockstars are around we all get distracted. I was distracted by rockstars of women’s health this week! This Thursday space is where I typically post my weekly update for triathlon training and hormone status. I’m taking a small break to share my recent distractions with you. 

Betty Rocker, Bre Artsinger, who is known as a beacon in the fitness world for inspiring so many people by giving them accessible and hopeful exercise routines they can do anywhere (have you seen her recent video done in an airport?) is a beautiful soul, as much inside as out. She is having a huge impact on women’s health. Before I go on I have to let you in on a secret – I was mesmerized by her skin (keep reading, skin seems to be a theme here) – the woman is pore-less. Her skin is translucent and a-mazing.

There we were 400 of us at a conference where food selection and preparation was meticulous. Every meal was dairy-free, soy-free, gluten and wheat-free. JJ Virgin, more on her in a minute, cares what she eats and what her friends eat. It’s such a unique pleasure to not have to worry about what to eat and how you’re going to feel at a conference. But, Bre, in spite of our carefully selected food choices brings her own food. My point? Be high maintenance if you want to feel good. Be picky. Don’t be shy about serving your own needs. Some might think that’s crazy. Crazy like a fox… a literal, beautiful, healthy, high energy, intelligent fox.

Dr. Keesha Ewers  was molested as a child. Rheumatoid Arthritis set in years later. Autoimmune disease in fact, she told our audience, can be the result of childhood traumas never resolved. She cured it naturally and is living evidence of a woman over 50 who thrives today. On her way to the airport after our weekend conference she was complimented 3 times on her skin. She shared the simple habits that have gifted her with that kind of glow naturally:

  • Alcohol-free
  • Sugar free
  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free
  • No foundation
  • No toxic skin care products
  • She uses sesame oil (not everyone can do that oil, test yourself)

Katie Wells of Wellnessmama.com was there and proving she has earned her title in more ways than one. She brought the family. Six kids, one of which is 16 months and apparently teething. Katie made no effort to hide or apologize for the fact that she was a wee bit tired at one of our sessions. I recently did a podcast interview with Katie for Wellnessmama and I’ll let you know about the release. Some of Katie’s info may be for the younger mom set- perfect for your daughters and nieces, but there is a wealth of any-age info there and Katie vets out the best (I realize I just flattered myself). Please share what you find and love there. She’s just a mom rocking the world as well as the cradle and you’ll love her content.

Dr. Ellie Campbell  shared an idea. It’s one I love. And I’d love you to share this. For future Flipping 50 programs I’m going to implement this idea that was in part about tithing and making fitness/wellness affordable to all while making good things happen in the world at the same time. If you’re here and have wanted to participate in programs but find it out of your reach or you’re going through a tough time, I am going to open up a limited number of spots, one in each program Flipping 50 launches the rest of the year for a woman who wants and needs it but is unable to meet the financial obligation right now. What we’ll do is require a number of hours spent in a volunteer role, documented with contacts by the appropriate agency and provided to me in exchange for the enrollment fee. This makes me ridiculously happy to have been in the same room and organization as this woman. It’s a win for everyone. This is the future of affordable wellness for all. This will expand our Flipping 50 reach in women’s health.

Robyn Openshaw, The Green Smoothie Girl,  shared a new way for you and I to think about food. I’ve been telling you hormones, not calories, control your weight, energy, and metabolism. There’s more. You’ve heard of vibrational energy. Every thing has a certain vibration. Humans operate at a level of 62-68 hertz. The higher the hertz the healthier. Foods too have vibrational energy. Green smoothies (consider who was talking, of course this is the example) have a hertz level of 75.

A substance of higher frequency can cause a substance of lower frequency to rise.

If you eat foods at a higher vibrational energy, you raise your own energy.

Whichever way you choose, clearly, once again, it is NOT just calories.

rockstars of women's health JJ Virgin Honestly, I’m at a loss for words. Go-giver is the first one that comes to me. The woman radiates from the inside out. She’s tall, I suspect because all of that talent, drive, hard work, heart, and generosity couldn’t fit into a smaller body. She does everything big. By that, make no mistake, she is tall but appears to be aging backward, again like the examples above, from great living, loving how she makes a living and how she helps others – her big mission – help so many others. To be in a room with inspiring people whose company you truly enjoy and call them friends, is a rare thing. At least in my 34 years of industry experience.

I belong to a variety of associations yet I could never give justice to the quality of people and depth of feeling in the room over last weekend. We help. We help others – our clients, customers, and patients (I speak to docs in our group, not myself). We help each other: there is collaboration and not competition. This summit was begun by JJ and is like a reunion. The first year its awe-inspiring and you know immediately it’s home and these are your people. I knew I wanted more of them and to be respected as much as I respected them. When the world of health and wellness professionals is playing together in this way, it only makes sense that what we can bring to the world is so much greater. We offer different ways of solving similar problems, we have different points of view, unique perspectives and yet we respect our differences as a must for a world of unique individuals that thrives. Some in the room are Paleo, some vegan, some in between. Some do Crossfit, some walk, some meditate and practice yoga, while others still do triathlons. We are in effect, you.

As I reflect on my weekend you may be wondering how this relates to you. Your experience here may be similar. Maybe you feel you’re on the outside still looking in, reading occasionally, or catching a random YouTube video, but not really a part of the community. If this is your tribe, if my voice resonates, you’ll stay, you’ll belong and not want to leave. You’ll appreciate that I’ll share new information that you don’t like, aren’t ready for, or that you actually are grateful for (I hope most often the latter, and occasionally the challenging, and least often that you dislike).

But in the end, two of my favorite people this weekend shared a concept I embrace: disruption.

Disruption is my job.

I plan to regularly disrupt you with purpose. I will disrupt the thoughts you have about:

  • Exercise being optional
  • Exercise requiring hours a day or even more than a couple a week
  • Exercise that has to border injury to be effective
  • Food that is good for you being boring
  • Food that helps you be at your highest energy, health, and weight being expensive
  • Aging being something that implies you’re going downhill
  • Disease being a natural part of aging
  • The power of your mind and thoughts

I’ll be back next week with a post about my status.

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