5 Ways to Burn More Fat Today

Can you burn more fat today without scheduling another workout before the end of the day?


Burn more fat today flips

These things are easy and you can start right now. Yes, weight training and yes intervals, and even yoga can help you burn more fat. It all depends on your needs right now. Burning more calories can backfire on you and make you store more fat if you’re cortisol is high and you’re exhausting yourself. Burning fewer calories in yoga, but reducing your cortisol level, may be the right ticket for you. It’s personal. There is not a one-size fits all, and it is in constant flux! So listen to your needs or seek support for your best exercise Rx right now.

Start drinking water every hour on the hour.

It’s one of the ways I adapted to life in the mountains. Women were telling me about their dry, crepe skin and I didn’t get it, until I moved to Boulder, then to 8800 ft. I’d look down while I was running and think, ew!! I didn’t FEEL dehydrated but I clearly was! You should also associate dizziness, light-headedness, or higher heart rate than usual and headaches with dehydration.

burn more fat todayHow hydration will help you burn more fat today: 

If you’re dehydrated your body is stressed. When it’s stressed it slows your metabolism and doesn’t function the way it should. Every cell in your body needs water. The more water- up to a point- the better. Don’t over do it. You can reach a point where you’re losing nutrients. There’s a sweet spot for water consumption, but it’s a safe bet that if you’re reading this and haven’t had a glass of water in the last couple hours you’re dehydrated. Drink to your faster metabolism right now.

Hold the chemicals. No little packets of artificial sugar-sweetened drinks, or “vitamin water” full of sugar, even coconut water, help you’re hydration better than pure, filtered water does. Don’t fool yourself into glasses of Kombucha without acknowledging that there’s some sugar there. Water first.

Add matcha to your smoothie, or a latte.

It’s a simple way to boost the benefit of something this #youstillgotitgirl and smoothie lover hopes you’re doing anyway! If you slip a little magic of matcha powder into your smoothie about 60-90 minutes before intervals, you’ll burn up to 29% more fat today after exercise.

That adds up!

If you’re worried about caffeine, yes there is some, but considerably less than coffee. Plus, it has a different effect. Matcha offers the clarity and focus many of us like without the jittery, anxious negatives other caffeine sources can give you. Added plus – I’m writing this in cold-and-flu season: it’s a big immunity booster and recognized by the NIH as reducing risk of at least 5 cancers.

Get to sleep earlier tonight.

Most women in midlife know sleep is important. Still though, if you’re sabotaging yourself by staying up late – for good reasons- you want to spend time with your family, think again. (I challenge you, respectfully, that staring at a TV with another electronic in each of your hands, is not quality time. The message you send when you’re taking care of yourself and you’re 100% you the next day is far more positively influencing those loved ones.)

Without you hitting your sleep needs quota (a big part of the 28 Day Kickstart) you’ll sabotage those hormones that boost lean muscle. Lean muscle increases metabolism. A higher metabolism increases the chance you use stored fat instead more often.

I did say get to sleep earlier for a good reason. Sleep between 10 and 6 is proven to be more beneficial than sleep between 12 and 8. You may not need eight hours, you may need more but the point is there is a difference in benefit based on time you go to bed.

How sleep helps you burn more fat today:

You’ll release more growth hormone, support higher testosterone levels, and decrease negative interference of cortisol. All with a simple increase of your sleep time.

Skeptical even though you’d love to get more sleep because you can’t? Do one of two things. The 28-Day kickstart walks you through just when and what to do. It’s not just “exercise” that helps reduce hot flashes, night sweats or frequent waking. Its a specific type and timing and the lifestyle habits that support it. If you’ve tried everything, but potentially, randomly – let’s organize it, sequence it, and start romancing the pillow.

burn more fat today

Prioritize protein at every meal.

Especially at breakfast. Here’s the thought trail. You want to boost your metabolism so you burn more fat today and store less fat today. Metabolism is higher in those with more lean muscle tissue. Muscle requires protein for building blocks. You can exercise all you want to (yet, it doesn’t take MORE, it takes LESS exercise with better purpose to get the best results), but not be able to rebuild and repair fast enough without protein (and rest.)

Protein (and fiber) also kill cravings so you’ll give yourself the best chance of the next way to burn more fat today! Start with breakfast – your first meal of the day sets you up for success or failure. A high sugar (natural or not) and high carb breakfast will increase fat storage and halt fat burning.

A high protein breakfast – one study that’s been published in the Obesity journal found that 35 grams of protein at breakfast voluntarily reduce caloric intake among subjects just because of satisfaction. Now, you have to need to reduce calories for that to apply to you but the message is you’ll be able to go meal to meal without the need for anything. Similar findings have been found with peri-menopause women in follow up studies.

Skip snacks between meals.

Eat well at meals. Include fat, protein, fiber, the right type and amount of carbohydrates and stop the snacking! Your body will never have a need to burn stored fat if you’re constantly giving it something to eat.

Make sure you’re clear on this point: this is not about diet deprivation or going hungry. It’s about filling up with the tons of foods that you want at every meal so that you’re not ever over hungry.

We want you hungry. Somewhere around three or four hours after a meal you should become aware that you could eat. Yet, there shouldn’t be any feelings of being sick or nauseas. If so, I address those and the why that’s happening with clients before we go forward.

When your body experiences mini-fasts between meals and overnight (stop the snacking at bedtime when your body could be burning fat overnight for you!) your hormones start participating in fat burning and less in fat storage.


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