5 Things That Will Reduce Your Toxic Exposure (and Increase Energy)

wellnessu-podcastReleasing Stress

Every little exposure to toxic chemicals increases the stress your body has to deal with. If you have a special condition, you’re more sensitive and you may not see any harm in some of the habits you have. Over time however, we know exposure to a perfect storm of genetics, environmental chemicals, and a depleted immune system (are you stressed?) can result in cancer or other diseases. We all carry cancer cells. We don’t all have to get cancer.

You Store Toxins

Toxins you’re exposed to build up in your body. They’re stored in fat. Beyond draining you of energy, they can also be a factor if you’re resistant to weight loss no matter what you’re doing. They can interfere with proper hormone function. Unlike a quick cup of coffee that might give you an instant pick-me-up this shift may not be an immediate energy boost but it go a long way toward helping your overall energy and wellness by decreasing risk of disease.

  1. Change your toothpaste. Use fluoride-free.
  2. Use essential oils instead of perfume. Perfume or fragrance added to any product you’re using is another potential allergen. You don’t have to itch or sneeze for it to accumulate in your body.
  3. Swap your facial cleaners, body and shampoo. You want paraben-free and, phthalate-free products.
  4. Switch your body lotion. Similar to the message above, the largest organ in your body absorbs everything you put on it.
  5. Use the stove instead of the microwave. If you’re heating or reheating food in the microwave 3 or more times a day, pretend it’s broken for a week and start using your stovetop to reduce radiation.

If you want to go beyond, this step requires a little more investigation: Find out the contents of your water. Fluoride and chlorine levels may be published on your city website or you may need to test it yourself. Drinking unfiltered tap water high in either of these chemicals, showering or bathing in it, or brushing your teeth and washing your face with it is constant toxic exposure. It may seem minimal at first glance. It’s those daily small things that you do long term that accumulate toxins in your body.


Note that these are all daily things you do. For a deeper dive yet, check out Double Your Energy in 14 Days. The second edition is coming out soon and you’ll get it too.

What about you? Have you swapped your personal care products out already?

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