35 Year Class Reunion: My 5 tested, trusted fat burning flips

It donned on me as I pulled off my high school softball jersey that it’s been 36 years since I had that on.

Tell me I’m not alone. It seems like a couple years ago maybe. Maybe 10. But 35? That happens to other people!

I kind of like that. The fact that so much has happened. Some bad, some sad. So much of it good. And it still seems like yesterday. I still think young. I think it’s part of the secret. And here is the rest of the secret. ¬†These really small, but difference-making flips. They are the needle movers. There are things that make these needle movers each possible. For instance, eating the right-for-me food, getting the right-for-me sleep, drinking plenty of water, and getting exercise and exercise. I honestly don’t know which comes first.

Same wake time every day.

I’ve tried “sleeping in.” I’ve tried getting up whenever. I just feel lazy all day. Even if I go to bed late, I love morning. I love getting up early and having the quiet time to create, write, plan before anyone or anything interrupts me. There is one exception: If I have to meet someone early, I’ll get up earlier to have my time first.

I’m a firm believer that the body does best on a pretty regular schedule. If you give it some routine it will respond with predicable results.

Start with a tall glass of body alkalizing lemon water.

This hydration habit is good for so many things. The body does best well hydrated. Metabolism, digestion, and endurance are all better. This first glass is most important to me because of the message it sends. I’m just telling myself, this is something I do, it’s part of my life. And I continue it all day.

Spend time quietly preparing for the day

This is definitely a part of the early wake time – without that this couldn’t happen. But there’s a big difference between getting up and turning on TV or music or jumping right into the shower to head to work and what I do. I write, and sometimes read – doing research on a topic I’m using in a program or presentation. It’s sky time though. Possibilities and creativity define this time. Sometimes I’ll be working on ideas not even knowing what they’ll become yet. It isn’t important that there is an end product after this time daily. The time daily to do that is the purpose.

Who else gives us those moments of “free reading time” or journaling at this point in our lives?

High intensity exercise early

This is the best and only time for high intensity training for me any more. I might hike or do yoga, or golf or play with kids but intervals or runs and heavy weights happen best for me early in the day. I do sometimes lift late in the day. But when I do my work intensity is lower than when I do it early.

Fat burning is boosted all day with early exercise and hormone balance is enhanced. Both are important to me!

High protein breakfast timed right

This piggy-backs right off of the high intensity exercise done early. A high protein breakfast about 60 to 90 minutes after a good exercise session is optimal for muscle protein synthesis. After 50, and for a woman, this is crucial for staying lean, and having high energy to keep moving through life. It doesn’t take tons of exercise, if you’re moving and busy with an active engaged life.


If I had to offer more fat burning tips, that don’t seem at all like fitness tips, they would be these:

Don’t do anything in moderation. Don’t love in moderation. Don’t set goals in moderation. Don’t go for them in moderation.¬†Moderation is like beige. No body notices it or gets excited about it. Most importantly, you. Eat well like your life depends on it. Find movement you love and go crazy about it in short spurts. Sleep like crazy, not when you’re dead. I’ve said that too but I was wrong. You’ll end up living most days like you already are if you don’t get your best rest. If you love someone don’t hold back. They aren’t guaranteed to be there tomorrow. Don’t be politically correct. Stand for something. Go against the opposition – loudly, if you don’t believe in it. Find a cause, a passion. Put your worry into action instead of letting it poison your body.

Now you. I’m sure you’ve got something to add. Let’s go. We don’t live on this planet for 5 or more decades without gaining some wisdom. I’d love to hear from you.

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